Agriculture, Natural Resources & Climate Change

This program will improve our ability to respond to climate change and to understand how rural landscapes are adapting to climate change.

ANRCC is focused on a whole-of-landscape approach to land management. It recognises the role of biomass yield and quality, biodiversity and habitat as necessary indicators of enviro-economic sustainability and improvement for government and commercial land managers.

The theme’s focus areas will develop spatially-based measurement, monitoring, management and market-enabling tools for commercial and government land managers to meet the demands of climate change.

CRCSI Submission

In response to the Victorian Government’s Green Paper: Options and Issues, Program 4.1 Science Director Kim Lowell provided a CRCSI submission for a more disaster resilient and safer Victoria.

 This program has a whole-of-landscape approach to land management. It will improve the capacity of our rural land base to maximise output of commercial and non-commercial environmental services ...