Agriculture & Natural Resources Management

This program is focused on a whole-of-landscape approach to land management. It recognises the role of biomass yield and quality, biodiversity and habitat as necessary indicators of enviro-economic sustainability and improvement for government and commercial land managers.

The theme’s focus areas will develop spatially-based measurement, monitoring, management and market-enabling tools for commercial and government land managers to meet the demands of climate change.

The program's agricultural focus includes developing new measurement and interpretation protocols and knowledge/data access systems based on field-scale, quantitative measurement and mapping of biomass in its many forms (including animals). This theme reflects the inextricable link between increasing agricultural productivity and the need to secure landscape diversity and health.

CRCSI Submission

In response to the Victorian Government’s Green Paper: Options and Issues, Program 4.1 Science Director Kim Lowell provided a CRCSI submission for a more disaster resilient and safer Victoria.


Matthew Adams (Chair, Landgate WA)
Kim Lowell (Science Director, CRCSI)
Cameron Allan (Meat and Livestock Australia)
Andrew Haywood (DEPI VIC)
Richard Hicks (OEH NSW)
Simon Jones (RMIT University)
Ian Maling (Retired -- WA Dept. of Agriculture/CSBP/Silverfox/Precision Agriculture)
Tim Neale (Precision Agriculture)
Christian Witte (DSITIA QLD)

This program has a whole-of-landscape approach to land management. It will improve the capacity of our rural land base to maximise output of commercial and non-commercial environmental services ...