LiDAR quality assurance tool (2.09)

The Inter-governmental Committee on Survey and Mapping (ICSM) recognised the need for standardisation of the acquisition of elevation data, particularly LiDAR, and produced the ICSM LiDAR Acquisition Specifications and Tender Template (ICSM Tender).

Part of the Template includes quality assurance standards to be used in LiDAR acquisition. However, it is difficult for those using the ICSM template to assess data provided by LiDAR companies against these specifications.

So it is important to have an independent checking mechanism available that can be performed on the supplied LiDAR data upon delivery to the contracting agency in an effective and efficient manner.

This Project has developed an ICSM supported "LiDAR Quality Assurance procedure" to complement the ICSM LiDAR Acquisition Specifications and Tender Template. This procedure will leverage existing tools within esri ArcGIS.

.... an ArcGIS tool for quality assurance of LiDAR data


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