Orbits and Clocks (1.03)

This Project is developing regionally enhanced satellite orbit and clock models to support real-time, centimetre-level positioning services regardless of location.

There are two work packages: one on the regional GPS/GLONASS orbit and clock enhancement system; and one on the regional QZSS/COMPASS orbit analysis platform.

The outcomes will facilitate a wider adoption of nationwide centimetre positioning in agriculture, mining and utilities, construction, maritime, defence and environmental protection applications.

In the sectors of agriculture, mining and construction alone, the benefits can reach the order of several billion dollars per annum due to increased productivity (Allen Consulting, 2008).

A large user group will be the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) sector where precise GNSS and wireless communication techniques are integrated to support vehicle safety systems. Applications of multi-GNSS based precise positioning for nationwide road safety alone can lead to significant social and economic benefits through lives saved and a reduction in losses due to road accidents.

... facilitating wide adoption of nationwide centimetre-level positioning ...

Project Participants

Research & Education   -   Queensland University of Technology   -   Wuhan University

43pl   -   AAM   -   Ergon Energy Ltd   -   Fugro Pty Ltd   -   Leica Geosystems   -   SKM

Government   -   DERM Qld   -   DSE Vic   -   Landgate, WA