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CRCSI conducts collaborative research that leads to accelerated industry growth, improved social well-being and a more sustainable environment.

We aim to solve complex problems of national significance for Australia and New Zealand.


Phil Collier 2013 sqDr Philip Collier
Research Director

1 Positioning

The world is entering a new era in satellite positioning. New global navigation satellite systems are being launched.

2 Feature Extraction

Over the past decade new automated data acquisition technologies have emerged.

3 Spatial Infrastructures

The Internet is developing powerful new capabilities as it moves to Web 3.0 technologies and standards.

4.1 Agriculture, National Resources

img about This program will improve our ability to respond to climate change and to understand how rural landscapes are adapting to climate change.

4.2 Defence

P4 2 helicoptor Australia spends over $22 billion pa on Australian Defence Organisation activity, forecast to increase annually by 3.5%. The use of spatial information has considerably increased within Australia’s national Defence agencies, contributing to the rapid...

4.3 Utilities Infrastructure

There are 14 electrical transmission and distribution organisations currently operating in Australia with a regulated asset base of $26.28 billion and a capital expenditure of $13.26 billion. Capital works currently under construction in South East Queensland alone...

4.4 Health

Health Program Review Slide Final May2013 Spatial Information has long been used in the Health sector to pinpoint areas of risk for specific diseases. This information helps identify contributing factors to the disease and populations at...

4.5 Urban Planning

train 239pxWide Over half of the world’s inhabitants live in cities. In twenty years, there will be 5 billion urban dwellers. With inefficient transport systems and poorly designed developments, many cities consume enormous quantities of fossil fuels...

Contracted Research and Consultancy

SISRL logo Spatial Information Systems Research Ltd is the CRCSI company that handles intellectual property (IP) management and implementation; and enters into contracts on behalf of the CRCSI.

Radar Research Facility

JAXA ALOS Imaging radar, or synthetic aperture radar (SAR), is one of the most rapidly developing remote sensing technologies. Over ten new radar satellites are to be launched by 2017. Radar imaging has enormous potential but requires...