Prof Peter Teunissen Science Director P1, Project Leader P1.01

Peter Teunissen
  • OrganisationCurtin University
  • AddressDepartment of Spatial Sciences
  • Bentley
  • Western Australia, Australia 6102
  • RolesScience Director, Program Board - P1, College - Research and Education


Prof Peter Teunissen completed his PhD in geodesy with honours at TU Delft in 1985. He is currently Federation Fellow of the Australian Research Council (2009) working on the theory and modelling for the next generation GNSS. He is inventor of the LAMBDA method and has 25 years of research experience in GNSS positioning and navigation. Peter was awarded the prestigious five-year Constantijn en Christiaan Huygens Fellowship (1986-1991) by the Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research. He spent time at the Laboratory of Geodetic Computing, University of Stuttgart and University of Calgary. In 1988, Peter attained full Professor of Geodesy and Navigation at DUT, where he has held various senior academic positions: Head of Mathematical and Physical Geodesy Department, Faculty of Geodesy (1993-1998); Vice-Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (2001-2002); Director of Education (2002-2004), Program Director Delft Research Centre Earth & Atmosphere (2004-2008), Chair of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission (1993-2009) and Head of Earth Observation and Space Systems Department, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (2003-2006). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences in 2000 and Fellow of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) in 1991. He has received various awards and fellowships, including IAG's Bomford Prize (1987), the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award (1996), a Professor Honoris Causa of Wuhan University (2000), and an ARC International Professorial Linkage Fellowship (2007). He has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Geodesy (1995-2003), served on the Executive Board of the IAG, and is currently member of several editorial boards, including GPS Solutions (1997- ), Optimization and Engineering(1999- ), and Studia Geodaetica et Geophysica (2008- ). He has been visiting professor at the University of Calgary, Canada (1992), University of Braunschweig, Germany (1993), Institut Teknologi, Bandung, Indonesia (1993, 1996), University of Stuttgart, Germany (1987, 1996), University of New Brunswick, Canada (1997), University of New South Wales, Australia (1998), and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2002).

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