First Civillian Photogrammetric UAV Flight Over Singapore

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For the first time Singaporean authorities have given permission for a photogrammetric UAV mapping/modeling flight over an important area of the city. In the context of the SEC-FCL (Future Cities Laboratory) project a pilot study is conducted with the goal to generate a high quality 3D city model of the NUS campus from UAV images. 800 images were needed to cover the area. Data processing is in progress.

UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have recently become a strong focus of attention, since fairly inexpensive platforms, navigation and control devices and sensors for instantaneous digital data production have become available.

Nowadays many groups worldwide are engaged in UAV- related R&D. Beyond that, these devices are increasingly finding their way into a great variety of practical applications.Low altitude UAV systems are small, of low to moderate cost, very flexible in terms of use and image acquisition (vertical, oblique and quasi-terrestrial imaging modes) and the images are instantly available for on-line processing.