10 September 2013

Skills Shortages Report

The shortages in surveying, geospatial and technical skills projected for Queensland and Australia will require a very significant increase in domestic supply if dependence on net migration of skills is to be avoided, finds a CRCSI-commissioned ACIL Tasman report. The report can beĀ downloaded from the CRCSI Resources page.

Extrapolation of Queensland modelling results indicates that a national shortfall of graduate or licensed surveyors of approximately 1,300 in 2025, and a shortfall of geospatial specialists with university degrees of approximately 500 in 2017 and 300 in 2025.

In 2025, the Australia-wide shortfall is estimated to be approximately 360 for surveying technicians with diplomas and associate degrees and 250 for surveying technicians with a Certificate I-IV qualification.

20 November 2014

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8 July 2014

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