GeoRabble Sydney #4: speakers announced

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The latest GeoRabble for Sydney is scheduled for March 29, and four exciting speakers have been announced.

The four speakers include:

  • Jack Zhao from Small Multiples: Are casino operators targeting vulnerable community groups?
  • Andrew Cook: 10 good reasons to share data
  • Kathryn Howard from Bookcrossing: Books just wanna be free!
  • Paul Wither: Set your data free from the typing pool

GeoRabble is a vendor-neutral, pub-based, geo-focussed, casual networking event that started in Sydney in 2011, and has now spread to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

GeoRabble Sydney #4 will kick of from 5:30pm (talks begin 6:30pm) on the 29 March at the Shellbourne Hotel.

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