• BCA Innovation report

    BCA Innovation report

    Business Council of Australia has issued a call for action through its paper, Building Australia’s Innovation System, which was the Business Council of Australia’s submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into the Australian Innovation System, lodged in September 2014 and reinforced through the recent release of the Deloitte Access Economics October report on the same topic.

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  • Medal for Program 4.4 Chair

    Medal for Program 4.4 Chair

    Congratulations to Dr Tarun Weeramanthri, Health Program Board Chair, who has been awarded one of public health’s highest honours – the Sidney Sax Public Health Medal 2014.

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  • CRCSI in the news

    CRCSI in the news

     CRCSI in the CRCAssociation publication "Knowhow"

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  • CRCSI at WA awards

    CRCSI at WA awards

    Prof Geoff West and Dr David McMeekin won WA Spatial Excellence Awards on Thursday 18 Sep.

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  • CRCSI Research featured in FIG Article of the Month

    CRCSI Research featured in FIG Article of the Month

    CRCSI Project 1.11 "Positioning using the Japanese QZSS" has been recognised by the selection of its latest research paper as the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) "Article of the Month".

    The paper was presented at the FIG Congress 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    This comes on top of the recognition during the recent visit by Japanese Prime Minister Abe to Australia, which included a joint statement with the Australian Prime Minister on various matters including, "the promotion of the Geospatial Information Project using the Japanese Quazi-Zenith Satellite System".

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  • Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse Selected for the INSPIRE- GWF 2015 Program Advisory Board

     Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse has been selected for the INSPIRE- GWF 2015 Program Advisory Board.

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  • APSEA 2014 Launch

    APSEA 2014 Launch

    APSEA 2014 Nominations to open soon!

    The annual Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards are unique.  These are the only awards for the Asia-Pacific region that recognise, at the same event, the excellent acheivements of both individuals and organisations engaged in the spatial information industry across the region.

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  • Office of Spatial Policy Restructured into Department of Communications

    Resulting from a recent machinery of government change the Office of Spatial Policy (OSP) has now been officially transferred to the Department of Communications.

    The title of 'Office of Spatial Policy' will no longer exist and instead its functions will be delivered by the Data Policy branch within the department.  Ms Helen Owens continues to lead spatial policy and delivery functions within this branch.

    The transfer of the spatial policy functions to the Department of Communications means that the close links between spatial policy, big data, open data and the broader digital economy agenda can be fully realised.

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  • CRCSI in the News

    CRCSI in the News

    "Our precise new world" by Christopher Jay, published in the Australian Financial Review, 23 May 2014.

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  • CRCSI Wins at 2013 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

    CRCSI Wins at 2013 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

    The CRCSI featured prominently at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA), with the Savannah Burning Abatement Tool (SavBAT) winning the Environment and Sustainability award and CRCSI PhD student, Xin Liu winning the Post-Graduate Student of the Year award.

    Presented at the Locate 14 conference in Canberra, the APSEA awards recognise the achievements of both individuals and organisations in the spatial information industry from across the region.

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  • Savings on the Fly

    Savings on the Fly

    Until a few years ago Ergon Energy relied on cars and four wheel drives to inspect their 150,000km powerline network which spread over 1.7 million square kilometres of often remote and rugged outback Queensland. Now due to an innovative Flight Assistance System (FAS) developed by the CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI), the inspection can be done by manned and unmanned aircraft capturing precise data on the condition of the network.

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  • Australia’s Contribution to Combating Australian and Pacific Island Sea Level Rise Recognised at White House Climate Data Initiative Launch

    Australia’s Contribution to Combating Australian and Pacific Island Sea Level Rise Recognised at White House Climate Data Initiative Launch

    The United States Government today announced the Climate Data initiative, which aims to help communities use public data to better understand the impacts of climate change. The initiative has been supported by industry including Google, Microsoft, Intel and ESRI who will provide resources and infrastructure to allow researchers to develop monitoring and mapping products from data made available as a result of the Climate Data Initiative. 

    At the launch, Google committed to making information such as sea-level rise, storm surges, extreme heat and drought as publicly accessible as driving directions on Google maps. Donating substantial cloud computing and storage resources Google challenged the global community to build an accessible high resolution digital elevation model (DEM) of the entire Earth’s land surface and shallow oceans.

    For low-lying coastal communities adapting and building resilience to sea level rise relies upon access to accurate information on elevation, storm surges and coastal inundation. Australia’s contribution in modelling these impacts for our Pacific neighbours has been recognised in a major announcement made by Google.

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  • "Unmappable" Great Barrier Reef Mapped

    Aquatic remote sensing company EOMAP, together with researchers from James Cook University, the University of Queensland and the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, have processed historical satellite data to derive a set of groundbreaking, high resolution, shallow water topography maps for the entire Great Barrier Reef.

    These world-first digital maps, are a critical step towards identifying, managing and essentially preserving and protecting what lies within the waters of this global icon.

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  • CRCSI at the WA Spatial Excellence Awards

    CRCSI at the WA Spatial Excellence Awards

    The CRCSI has featured prominently at the WA Spatial Excellence Awards held at the Crown Perth.

    Curtin University and CRCSI PhD student Xin Liu won the Postgraduate Student Award for his study on “The Determination of High Water Mark Along the Western Australia Coastal Line”. The study is seen as having a significant impact on reducing coastal land ownership conflicts and preventing potential damage to properties from poorly located land developments.

    The CRCSI and NGIS also won the industry award for the People and Community category for the Pacific Islands Sea Level Rise data capacity building program. The judges commented that the program was an excellent example of technology transfer to developing nations facing huge challenges in the future.

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  • Australian Positioning Expertise at the Forefront

    Australian Positioning Expertise at the Forefront

    Matt Higgins, President of the Australian based International Global Navigation Satellite Systems (IGNSS) Society has been appointed to the United States Space-based Positioning Navigation and Timing Advisory Board.

    “This is a great honour for Matt, who is one of only six non-Americans appointed to the US Presidential Committee, which advises the US Government on policy issues related to global positioning systems (GPS) and positioning navigation and timing” said Peter Woodgate CRCSI CEO.

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  • CRCSI at the VIC Spatial Excellence Awards

    CRCSI at the VIC Spatial Excellence Awards

    CRCSI staff featured prominently in the 9th Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards last night.

    Congratulations to Mal McCoy (CRCSI Board Director) who was announced as Victorian Spatial Professional of the Year and to Nathan Quadros (CRCSI Researcher), Young Spatial Professional of the Year.

    Also congratulations to Kim Lowell (CRCSI Science Director 4.1) who as Project Leader, together with 43pl company member Spatial Vision, Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research and DIICCSRTE took out the Award for Sustainability & Environment: Carbon Farming Initiative for the “Savannah Burning Abatement Tool (SavBAT).”

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  • Another Positioning Breakthrough

    Another Positioning Breakthrough

    Precise Positioning with Japanese Satellites
    In an Australian first, CRCSI researchers at RMIT have successfully demonstrated the performance of the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) LEX signal for precise positioning. The research outcome is part of the wider CRCSI Positioning Program which also recently announced the successful precise point positioning of merging GPS and Beidou systems.


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  • Skills Shortages Report

    Skills Shortages Report

    The shortages in surveying, geospatial and technical skills projected for Queensland and Australia will require a very significant increase in domestic supply if dependence on net migration of skills is to be avoided, finds a CRCSI-commissioned ACIL Tasman report.

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  • Satellite integration makes city navigation easy

    Finding your way through Australian skyscrapers and open pit mines should no longer be a challenge thanks to the latest integration of two global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs).

    After combining two satellite systems for the first time in 2012, Curtin University spatial scientist Professor Peter Teunissen, in conjunction with the CRCSI, has now taken the integration process a step further.

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  • Managing the MDBA’s remote sensing needs

    CRCSI has just released a report finding that there is significant potential for remote sensing and related technologies to play a greater role in the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s operations. In many cases this would provide a more cost-effective, efficient and transparent means of achieving specific agencies business and information needs.


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  • Space and Spatial Partnership to strengthen Australia’s knowledge based economy

    Space and Spatial Partnership to strengthen Australia’s knowledge based economy

    Senator Kate Lundy announced the new Space and Spatial Innovation Partnership under the Australian Government’s Industry Innovation Partnerships Program. These industry-led partnerships aim to create more Australian exports and jobs and diversify the economy by linking Australia’s world-class research to industry, especially SMEs.

    The CRC for Spatial Information through its SME consortium “43pl”; EOS Space Systems and the Australian National University are proud to be core partners in the venture, to be headquartered in Canberra, with nodes Australia-wide.

    “The Partnership will create opportunities for innovative geospatial companies to drive further growth in their businesses’’ said Graeme Kernich, CRCSI Acting CEO.
    Minister Lundy acknowledged the role of core partner 43pl, representing over 50 geospatial companies and down-stream user companies.

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  • Treasured 'Zee-Atlas' on display in Adelaide

    Treasured 'Zee-Atlas' on display in Adelaide

    A national treasure, Arnold Colom’s Zee-atlas, takes pride of place in the South Australian Maritime Museum’s new exhibition First Voyages: Exploring the Southern Coast.

    The extremely rare Dutch atlas will join other priceless artefacts already showcased in the exhibition, including the first European charts of Australia, souvenirs from James Cook’s Endeavour voyage, and the plaque Matthew Flinders left at Memory Cove to mark the loss of members of his crew.

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  • Planning data visualisation tool - report online

    Those involved in planning and management in landscape have long recognised the value of good information provided in the form of timely, appropriate and digestible data. Whether the data is part of government infrastructure or is augmented by contributions from the public, it is apparent that on-line delivery can help ensure that the best available data is accessible while visualisation techniques can make the data easier to interpret.

    A collaborative virtual environment then allows for cooperative decision-making in a well informed situation. Add smartphones into the technology mix and augmented reality presentation allows for in-field collaboration and also on-demand location specific data access and capture.

    A series of projects are described which illustrate this potential. A scenario for application in a situation of emergency management in the landscape concludes the paper.

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  • Double Duty for Chair

    VSC’s independent chairman Ollie Hedberg has taken on a second key leadership role in the spatial industry.

    Besides his VSC activities, he has been appointed independent chairman of a new special interest group formed by Australia’s top IT organisation, the Australian Information Industry Association

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  • Student global site visit tour

    CRCSI PhD student Grant Hausler recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the US, Canada and Switzerland. Considerable effort went into preparing the trip to coordinate site visits with leading GNSS agencies across the US and Canada where Grant presented current CRCSI research on Australia’s National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI). Grant’s CRCSI top-up scholarship was used to organize these research visits.

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  • SIBA Qld & WA - events ahead

    SIBA has a number of interesting events coming up soon for its members in Queensland and WA.

    Read the details from Spatial Source.

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  • SSSI Events - ACT & Qld

    The SSSI has a number of interesting events coming up, including the SSSI ACT Regional Conference “Positioning for the Next Century” and the LiDAR Technologies Workshop 2013.

    The Young Professionals will welcome delegates from Canberra and surrounding regions to the ACT Regional Conference held at Hotel Rex in Canberra on August 16, 2013.

    Further details from Spatial Source.

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  • Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards open now

     The Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (VSEA) celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and showcase the finest projects that the Victorian Spatial Industry has to offer. Projects and individuals attaining recognition at this premier event are deemed to be truly outstanding achievers and pre-eminent in their field.

    Get all the details and nomination rules from SSSI.

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  • Issue #3 of IN THE FRAME is now available

    Welcome message from Helen Owens (General Manager, Office of Spatial Policy)

    •  The third issue of the newsletter IN THE FRAME is now available. This edition of the newsletter includes:
    • Feature Theme: Geocoded Addressing
    • Case study on the city of Salisbury in South Australia
    • What do we mean by “authoritative data source”
    • Read IN THE FRAME online...

    Read IN THE FRAME online...

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  • Surveyor shortage threatens future construction industry

     ABC Local Radio's "AM" program this morning focused on the future of Surveying in Australia. 

    "...surveying underpins the construction, engineering and mining industries.

    There are concerns the sector is facing a shortage of skilled workers which will be compounded in the coming years as older workers retire."

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  • Maps4Society Conf - EOIs extended

     The Maps4Science conference have had almost 30 Expressions of Interest so far. Given the high level of interest, M4S has extended their deadline until 15 August. 

    Submissions are welcomed from students, along with staff from industry, government and science. 

    M4S is particularly seeking Expressions related to lifecycle management (BIM), governance of the geoinformation infrastructure, and polytechnics. They are interested in the innovation application of geomatics to industry. 


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  • Challenging Big Data: NWO

     The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is calling for ideas that "Challenge Big Data for Knowledge and Innovation Mapping".

    The calls aims to bring smaller innovative companies into contact with research institutions.

    Read more from NWO

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  • Value of Location: Oxera Consulting

    Oxera Consulting Ltd estimated in January 2013 that global revenues from geospatial services and products are between $150 to $270 billion per year.

    In Australia, these geospatial benefits are delivered through PSMA Australia Ltd. Each of the governments of Australia is a shareholder, enabling the social, economic and environmental benefits from a suite of national geospatial datasets to flow through to Australian society and economy.

    Read more from Spatial Source.

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  • IGARSS2013 - Social spin

    Think conferences are all about the talking? Think again!

    Be spellbound by the musical ability of remote sensing Research Fellow, Dr Ida Jayazeri, at the Welcome Reception on 21 July or dance the night away to the Latin sounds of Reflehos at the Symposium Dinner on Thursday 25 July. We haven’t forgotten the die-hard soccer fans so your time-honoured traditional game has been scheduled for Wednesday 24 July.

    Registrations open again on-site at 8am Sunday 21 July.

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  • IGNSS2013 – LEX signal demo

    Conference delegates attending the IGNSS2013 symposium and exhibition at the Outrigger Hotel on the Gold Coast next week from Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18 July are cordially invited to the first LEX signal demonstration in Australia.

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  • Looking at Rays of the fishy kind - IGARSS @ the Aquarium

    Come down for an aquatic adventure at the IGARSS Melbourne Aquarium Reception on Tuesday evening. You can discover amazing underworld beauty and enjoy a selection of canapés and drinks.

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  • Geoscience enters the cloud

    Cloud computing and one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers will form the backbone of a national integrated geoscience data network being developed by CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and AuScope.

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  • IGARSS Young Professionals Luncheon

    IGARSS Young Professionals Luncheon

    Are you a Young Professional in the spatial field? You should come along to the IGARSS Young Professional Luncheon to meet some more of your fabulous peers! It provides a forum to meet GOLD members (Graduates of the Last Decade) and hear about their career paths. You’ll learn about skills beneficial to secure employment in the geosciences and remote sensing industries.

    The Luncheon is from noon on Tuesday 23 July.

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  • VPAC establishes subsidiary: VPAC Innovations

    Having established a successful and innovative R&D software development and simulation consulting group since 2002, VPAC LTD – one of Australia’s leading advanced computing IT service providers has established a subsidiary company VPAC INNOVATIONS PTY LTD to accelerate and grow its Engineering, Geospatial and Commercialisation business.

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  • FPX winner in 2013 VINNVÄXT funding round

    The Swedish Global Spatial Network (GSN) partner, Future Position X, is one of three winners of the 2013 VINNVÄXT funding round. This success means that FPX has funding for 10 years to develop innovative geographic information solutions for public health using geographic information technology.

    The initiative is called Geo Life Region and it aims to better understand individual’s movements and behaviours to improve health and wellbeing. The proposal required active participation of stakeholders in industry, research, politics and public affairs.

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  • NZ public land information data feed available

    Mapping information showing the locations of publicly accessible land across New Zealand has been released for use by researchers, central and local Government staff and website and app developers.

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  • Spatial Fringe Festival: EOIs?

    Would you or your business be interested in hosting a spatial awareness event?

    Could you host an open day, stage a special guest speaker presentation or just set up a foyer display?

    The Spatial Information and Cartography Commission (SICC) and the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission (RSPC) are seeking expressions of interest from any SSSI member who could host an event capable of forming part of a wider August 2013 ‘Spatial Fringe Festival’.

    Your event would form part of an integrated calendar of events staged over a 7 to 10 day period designed to boost public awareness of just how much the spatial sciences impact daily life.

    If you’d like to be involved in this exciting initiative, please email SSSI.

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  • WA to Benefit from High Res Satellite Imagery

    A new contract between Landgate and Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd will provide state government agencies with access to 2.6 million km² of SPOTMaps satellite imagery.

    The SPOTMaps satellite coverage will play a vital role in the management of the State’s services and resources such as emergency response.

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  • Curtin Researchers Identify 280 New Craters on the Moon

    Curtin University researchers have identified what could be an additional 280 craters on the Moon, using a combination of gravity and terrain modelling.

    Prof Will Featherstone, Dr Christian Hirt and Assoc Prof Michael Kuhn of Curtin’s Institute for Geoscience Research received Australian Research Council grants to use satellite-collected gravity and elevation data to develop an ultra-high resolution gravity map of Earth.

    Curiosity taking over, the team then applied these techniques to the Moon, identifying 280 lunar craters never mapped before, 66 of those categorised as distinctly visible from both a gravity and topographic perspective.

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  • 3D Imaging two great wrecks

    The Australian Commonwealth Government recently announced the
    award of a $483k Your Community Heritage grant to support the use highresolution 3D imaging technologies to survey the wrecks of the HMAS Sydney II and the HSK Kormoran.

    The project will allow the site to be properly protected, conserved and interpreted for future generations. At Curtin, the project is led by Andrew
    Hutchison from Design, Andrew Woods from CMST, and Petra Helmholz from Spatial Sciences.

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  • National Nested Grid - Guideline

    The National Nested Grid Guideline provides the detailed specification for a spatial framework to organise grid cell (also called raster or gridded) data for people who are data users, data custodians or responsible for data capture or generation.

    The Guideline is available for use under creative commons attribution 3.0 license to provide maximum access and use.

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  • Location Data Privacy

    The Location Forum, a Georgia–based organization, released a report entitled Location Data Privacy: Guidelines, Assessment and Recommendations to call attention to the potential of geolocation data to reveal intimate details of individual lives and suggest voluntary standards to protect privacy

    “We developed these guidelines in the way we did because we felt that there was a need to help companies as well an individuals as well as policy makers to really understand the value of what location data really is,” said Natasha Leger, president of the Forum and the founder and president of ITF Advisors, LLC, a strategy advisory firm.

    Ms Ledger commented this week that "we've seen our subscriber base double since we published the Guidelines. Interestingly, significant more interest from Australia, Japan and Europe than the US."

    “How many cell phones out there . . . that have location capabilities, have them turned off?” said Arthur Berrill, vice president of technology at DMTI Spatial, a member of the forum’s Location Privacy Council, and a contributor to the report. “The wealth of information you can derive from (a location enabled phone) is outright scary.”

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  • Nominations for the NSW SE Awards open

    The NSW Spatial Excellence Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the field of spatial technologies and applications, and offer a chance to represent Australian ingenuity at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

    The NSW Spatial Excellence Awards are driven by the following key principles

    • Celebrate excellence in our Community
    • Encourage activities that create a stronger, larger and more relevant Industry
    • Embrace the achievements of the Industry and the related industries and professions
    • See the industry as a whole grow and mature through its achievements in various categories

    See more about the awards here

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  • Assessing the Value of OS OpenData™ to the Economy of Great Britain - Synopsis

    Read a summary of the research evaluating the economic effects and benefits of Ordnance Survey (OS) OpenData, and to inform on any future developments relating to open data from OS.

    It is predicted that, by 2016, Great Britain’s real GDP will have increased by between £13 million and £28.5 million.

    The research for the report was conducted between March 2011 and March 2012 - effectively the second full year of OS OpenData availability.

    Read more and download the report here

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  • Esri Aus appoints manager for Vic and Tas

    Peter Houwen has accepted the role of Manager for Professional Services – Victoria and Tasmania – at Esri Australia.

    Over his 30 year career, Mr Houwen has been responsible for delivering many high-profile geospatial projects, including those at Western Power; VicRoads; Land and Property Information NSW; and Landgate.

    His appointment caps off a year of significant growth in demand for spatial capabilities across the country – which has in turn seen demand for GIS services burgeon.

    “Both Victoria and Tasmania have very active spatial communities, with organisations such as VicRoads, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Australia Post, Launceston City Council and Hobart City Council amongst the nation’s most progressive GIS technology users,” said Mr Houwen.

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  • Free satellite maps for Australian graziers

    Satellite mapping services may be made available to graziers Australia-wide by the end of the year. Currently, the Queensland Government is funding this service to graziers in North Queensland.

    Uses include carbon accounting, crop and soil monitoring, and infrastructure – such as such as roads, fences, water points, yards and powerlines – monitoring.

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  • New GeoSpatial Connect web site

    GeoSpatial Connect have launched their new website, with two main modules - the e-store and the projects module.

    The e-store allows for selling at a fixed price, or auctions. It is targeting a range of goods such as maps, atlases, surveying equipment, GPS equipment and more.

    The Projects portal is a place for organisations to list their project or tenders and have industry professionals and companies bid and submit proposals for the project.

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  • Nathan makes CRCA ECR final

    Nathan Quadros earned a Finals place in the CRC Association's Early Career Researcher Awards for 2013. His video entry, 'Mapping The Coastline', was chosen for the top six from the biggest field of entries the competition has received to date. The Association’s Chair reported “we've had a record number of entries and the judges had a really difficult time choosing the finalists”, further demonstrating the high calibre of Nathan’s work.

    You can find Nathan’s research video on the Urban Digital Elevation Modelling page.

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  • Geo Life Region application progresses to interview stage

    It is an exciting time for FPX. We have launched several new spinoff companies in the last months. We received a lot of great media attention for our bid and results coming out of our innovation processes. The first week of June 2013 marked the launch of the book about our first 10 years as an innovation cluster.

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  • International water management research centre

    Water efficiency, food security and environmental sustainability will be the focus of a new joint research centre between Australia and China, officially launched in Beijing last week.

    The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for River Basin Management, led by the University of Melbourne, will provide both countries with a new capacity to address national priorities for water resources management.

    This includes water catchment management, water productivity, environmental and rural community sustainability as well as technical and research capacity in these areas.

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  • Australian Intelligent Transport Systems Summit

    Australia will welcome international experts working at the leading edge of Intelligent Transport Systems to speak at the ITS Summit to be held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney from 18 to 20 September 2013.

    The international input will add value to progress the Summit’s key objective to formulate a national vision for ITS in Australia. ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris the aim is to define a plan with a core set of transport priorities broadly acknowledged across all government jurisdictions, which are actively supported by both the research community and the private sector.

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  • we-do-IT sponsors GITA ANZ Conference

    The 18th Annual Geospatial Technologies Conference (GITA 2013) will be held August 5-7th at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition in Queensland, Australia.

    GITA 2013 is the premier geospatial technologies conference in Australia and New Zealand. This year’s conference has the theme Wisdom Through The Spatial Sphere – Building On Fundamentals, and the program will particularly focus on Asset Systems, Smart Metering / Smart Grid, SCADA and Loss Detection systems, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Integration of Geospatial with major business systems, Mobility devices and applications, Data Management, CAD to GIS, Remote Sensing applications, Research and Development in geospatial technologies.

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  • GeoSpatial SIG

    The GeoSpatial SIG was initiated in late 2012 and was formally approved in April 2013. The group operates as a National AIIA Special Interest Group (SIG), hosted by the Victorian branch.

    Spatial Information is being recognised by Government and the broader industry as a working component of the larger information industry. Government and the larger industry beyond the traditional spatial domains are realising the value of visualising and analysing government and business data in a geospatial context – on a map. Spatial Information and the associated processes are complex and the SIG seeks to assist AIIA members in making effective use of this industry, and to influence key spatial information contributors to optimise the benefit for the community.

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  • Landsat 8 now fully operational

    Last Thursday, NASA transferred operational control of the Landsat 8 satellite to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in a ceremony in Sioux Falls, S.D.

    The event marks the beginning of the satellite’s mission to extend a four-decade record of monitoring Earth’s landscape from space. Landsat 8 is the latest in the Landsat series of remote-sensing satellites, which have been providing global coverage of landscape changes on Earth since 1972. The Landsat program is a joint effort between NASA and USGS.

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  • NSW govt opens data to public

    The NSW state government has released its draft open data policy, which aims to make state-owned data – including spatial data – available to the public at no charge, where possible.

    The policy will apply to all government departments, statutory bodies and shared service providers while state-owned corporations will be exempt although it is recommended they adopt it. The public are invited to share their views on how NSW can make information more accessible.

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  • Geography joins the new Aus Curriculum

    School students across Australia will soon be able to learn from the first national geography curriculum, with the final version released today by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

    School Education Minister Peter Garrett said the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography will help students better understand the world they live in. The new geography curriculum also includes cross-curriculum priorities that tie into other aspects of the Australian Curriculum.

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  • SIBA digital cities project will rebuild the ANZAC legend

    The Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) recently announced a new project that will seek to build ‘digital cities,’ starting with Australia and New Zealand’s major cities represented as they were during the ANZAC period (1900 to 1915).

    SIBA will drive the project – known as MIMOSA (Multi-dimensional Information for MetrOpolitan Spatial Alliances – an acronym named after a star in the Southern Cross) – forward thanks to an alliance between its Australian and New Zealand chapters, combined with support from the ANZAC Centenary Foundation.

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  • GA calibrates more positioning antennae

    It looks like a large drill, but this piece of equipment in South Canberra is no construction tool.

    In years to come it may make your smartphone even smarter and help your car drive itself, with scientists believing basic global positioning technology can be accurate to the centimetre by the end of the decade.

    The robotic arm will work to calibrate antennae used to track satellites in the Global Navigation Satellite System - including the American GPS, European Galileo, Chinese Compass and Russian GLONASS systems - so they can give more accurate co-ordinate readings when placed in sites around the country.

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  • Seeking CRCSI New Zealand Director

    CRCSI is looking for a new Director of the CRCSI New Zealand node to

    • Coordinate geospatial research and development activities in New Zealand
    • Drive the implementation of the NZ Geospatial Research Strategy
    • Collaborate across government, industry and academic sectors

    Applications close 5pm Friday 14 June 2013.

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  • 43pl member AAM launches shallow water survey

     Geospatial services company, AAM, recently announced the launch of a dedicated Shallow Water Survey Team, with hydrographic surveying expert Andy Waddington appointed to lead the team.

    The announcement follows AAM’s merger with Vekta Pty Ltd in April, and represents another significant investment in Australia’s fast-growing geospatial sector.

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  • Global award for SKM Groundwater Atlas

    Australia’s National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDEs) has won the 2013 Geospatial World Application Excellence Award for Environment Protection and Monitoring.

    The coveted prize was presented during the Geospatial World Forum which has been held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    The GDE Atlas was developed by a team consisting of leading projects firm, Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), and Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

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  • Geo-Life Region

    Geo-Life Region

    From March 24 to 26, 2013, a group of researchers from around the World converged on Gävle, Sweden to provide expert advice on the broad field of geohealth. The host, Future Position X – an economic cluster organisation – is a founding member of the Global Spatial Network (GSN). The GSN is a not-for-profit consortium representing five research centres that all have a strong network of partners working in the spatial sciences and geomatic field. Core members are based in Australia, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea and Canada. Affiliate members include organisations in the USA and Europe.

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  • Geoimage Partners with Spatial Energy

     Geoimage is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership with Spatial Energy, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. This partnership will build capacity and expand access to greater spatial content within the Oil and Gas industry in Australasia, enhancing the capabilities of Australian customers who operate nationally and globally and allowing them to derive more value from their existing and new geospatial datasets.

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  • Office of Spatial Policy seeking new Director

    The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism is seeking a suitably qualified candidate for the position of Director of the Office of Spatial Policy (OSP). OSP is the Government’s central policy unit which provides policy direction at a whole-of-government level for the creation, acquisition and management of spatial data across the Commonwealth. OSP was established on 1 July 2011 with the specific aim of strengthening the whole-of-government spatial policy leadership in Australia, and to provide the necessary governance structure to achieve a collective capability across jurisdictional boundaries. The Office also acts as the Secretariat for ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council.

    Full Position Profile available from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. The position is open until 13 May.

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  • CRCSI & NGIS training in the Pacific

    NGIS Australia was awarded the GIS training and capacity building contract for Tonga, PNG, Vanuatu and Samoa by the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE) as part of the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Program (PACCSAP) Coastal Inundation Project.

    The project’s goal is to develop the capacity within each Pacific Island to manage and use LiDAR data to support local sea-level rise planning and decision making in Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Samoa.

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  • Aus investment in Earth Observation satellites

    Flood monitoring, ship detection over wide areas of ocean, and natural resource management can all be better managed for Australia through SAR satellites. SAR, or Synthetic Aperture Radar, satellites observe the earth using radar, and can be more useful in these applications than traditional satellite imagery, such as that seen on Google Earth.

    Two reports on Australia’s use and investment in SAR satellites have been released, which have also influenced the new Australian Space Utilisation Policy released earlier in the month.

    Find the reports and the policy on the Radar Research Facility page.

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  • Esri releases results of LGA Benchmark Study

    One of the highlights of SSSC 2013 last week was the release of the results of Esri’s 2013 LGA Benchmark Study, in the form of the 2013 GIS in Local Government Benchmark Study: Preliminary Report.

    The preliminary report is the culmination of a collaborative effort between Australia’s councils, SSSI and Esri Australia. This Report, which contains the Study findings, was compiled by an independent research agency.

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  • SIBA Qld announces new CEO

    The Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) this week announced the appointment of Richard Simpson to the role of CEO for the Queensland branch of the Association.

    Simpson brings a wide array of experience to SIBA, having previously enjoyed lead roles on some of the largest digital urban infrastructure projects ever undertaken in cities such as Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok.

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  • CRCSI links to APSEA winners

    CRCSI would like to congratulate P1.02 Project Leader Prof Chris Rizos, Joanne Poon of 43pl member SKM, and Jacob Delfos of SKM member Amristar for their success in the APSEA NSW awards last week.

    Find them and the rest of the 2013 APSEA awards here.

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  • AAM merges with Vekta

    Geospatial services company AAM Pty Ltd. has announced its merger with Vekta Pty Ltd, as part of a major investment in Australia’s geospatial sector.

    The combination of the two companies, announced at last week’s SSSC 2013 in Canberra, positions AAM as one of the largest geospatial services providers in Australasia and the Asia Pacific Region.

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  • Scanalyse seeks 3D Laser Scanner Specialist

    Scanalyse seeks 3D Laser Scanner Specialist

    As part of an international expansion Scanalyse requires a Spatial Data Specialist with a strong background in collecting and processing 3D data in point cloud form and with a track record in developing commercially useful products.

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  • International R&D Potential - Sweden Round Table

    International R&D Potential - Sweden Round Table

    Funding into international joint innovation and research projects for 10 years was the focus of a Global Spatial Network Round Table Meeting in Sweden. Future Position X (FPX) will submit the funding proposal to the Swedish government in May. The Round Table meeting further developed Sweden’s Geo Health Innovation Strategy, which will become part of the proposal.

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  • Australian Satellite Utilisation Policy released

    Australian Satellite Utilisation Policy released

    Australia’s first ever space policy – Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy – has been released today, providing certainty and strategic direction for Australian users of satellite technology.

    Launching the policy at ANU’s Stromlo Observatory, Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation Senator Kate Lundy said on-going, cost effective access to satellite capabilities was essential to Australia’s future.

    “Australians, whether they know it or not, rely on satellites every day,” Senator Lundy said.

    Find the policy here or read the rest of the release from Senator Lundy...

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  • Queensland releases Google Earth plugin

    The Queensland government has announced the release of ‘Queensland Globe’ – a KML file, which, when opened in Google Earth, allows users to view and explore spatial data about Queensland from within Google Earth.

    The information accessible includes best available imagery, property and electoral boundaries, property addresses, instant access to SmartMaps, areas affected by floods, and more.

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  • CRCSI P2 Science Director receives Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

    Dr Clive Fraser, Science Director of the Feature Extraction Program, is this year's recipient of the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from the ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference.

    Clive was awarded for his development and production of the digital camera calibration program 'Australis'.

    Further information...

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  • CRCSI NZ Director Engaging new role

    The NZ Geospatial Office (NZGO) has announced that the CRCSI New Zealand Director, Mary Sue Severn, has taken up a new role as Engagement Leader for the NZGO. CRCSI wishes to congratulate her on both the wonderful work in establishing and growing the CRCSI in New Zealand and her new appointment. All the CRCSI staff wish her well in the new role.

    We also echo the NZGO's announcement that ' Mary Sue has been a driving force behind lifting CRCSI’s profile and government, academic and industry participation in CRCSI activities. The Engagement Leader role is a natural progression for her, where she can use her strengths in communication, relationship management and analysis towards implementing the Geospatial Strategy.'

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  • Manuscripts invited for GJMEDPH

    Articles ( Original Studies, Reviews, Case reports and Editorials ) are invited for coming issue of Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

    Manuscripts can be submitted online on our journal website. Articles are reviewed on fast track system with a decision of acceptance /Rejection in 15 days.

    For any info please free to contact SM Kadri.

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  • LINZ considers going 'freemium'

    Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is considering a ‘freemium’ business model – where customers will access basic services for free, but pay for premium offerings – as a way of ensuring free public access to a multi-sourced database of land imagery, considered of national significance.

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  • We-do-IT open Indian office

    Victorian ICT company, we-do-IT, recently opened a new office in Hyderabad, India that will provide a platform for the company’s ongoing growth, both in Victoria and globally.

    Victorian Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips officially opened the office, and led a large contingent of Victorian-based ICT companies as part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s Super Trade Mission to India last week.

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  • Geoimage and PCI Geomatics workshops

    Geoimage and PCI Geomatics, developers of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced that together they will offer a series of free workshops in Perth, Brisbane and Canberra in March.

    Join Geoimage and PCI to better understand the variety of offerings from PCI Geomatics, and how you can use the software to gain operational efficiencies.

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  • Septentrio Makes Galileo and Four-Constellation Position Fixes

    Septentrio became the first receiver manufacturer to report an autonomous real-time position calculation using Galileo IOV satellites, with its own standard commercial receiver.

    The company based in Leuven, Belgium announced on March 12 that it performed a first autonomous real-time Galileo position, velocity, and timing (PVT) calculation, based on live Interface Control Document (ICD)-compliant Galileo messages from the four Galileo in-orbit validation (IOV) satellites.

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  • VANZI Conference registration open

    The VANZI Conference is now open for registration.

    We now have the technical capability to build a 'true-to-life' 3D computer model of the natural and built environment (above and below ground, inside and out) for use in all stages of the property cycle.

    The VANZI Conference 2013 will consider the major challenges we face in achieving this vision over the next decade - and to hear about the Virtual Australia and New Zealand Initiative which offers a way to meet them.

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  • New WA IP Policy

    The Department of Commerce WA (Innovation Centre) has revised the WA Government Intellectual Property Policy. This revised policy encourages agencies to adopt AusGOAL where appropriate.

    The following information is a summary of the update available online...

    What is AusGOAL?

    AusGOAL, the Australian Governments' Open Access and Licensing Framework, has been endorsed by the Western Australian Government to provide support and guidance to facilitate open access to publicly funded information where appropriate. AusGOAL makes it possible for agencies to manage their risks when publishing information and data in a way that drives innovation and entrepreneurial activities; providing enhanced economic and social benefits to the wider community. AusGOAL is also aligned with numerous open government initiatives around the world.

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  • Major study on the state of geomatics in Canada

    Natural Resources Canada’s Mapping Information Branch in collaboration with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing and the Surveyor General Branch, is pleased to announce that a contract has been awarded to Hickling Arthurs Low Corporation (HAL) to carry out a major study on the state of geomatics in Canada. HAL's partners in the project include ACIL Tasman, Fujitsu Canada and ConsultingWhere.

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  • Geoscience Australia takes lead sponsorship role in IGARSS 2013

    The Organzing Committee of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) is delighted to announce that Geoscience Australia has taken the lead role in the sponsorship of the 2013 Symposium (Melbourne, 21 – 26 July 2013).

    Geoscience Australia is a world leader in providing first-class geoscientific information and knowledge enabling the Australian government to make informed decisions about the use and management of resources, the environment, community wellbeing and sustainable energy.

    The IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) is truly a global event which promises to bring together experts engineers, researchers, teachers, scientists and students from around the world to review the latest issues and studies utilising remote sensing technologies for observations of the Earth, oceans, atmosphere and space.

    This event presents excellent promotional and networking opportunities for companies, government agencies, educational institutions, research facilities, scientific societies, and others exhibiting the latest in geoscience instruments, equipment, software, books and journals, and scientific programs at the world's premier annual remote sensing symposium.

    Exciting sponsorship opportunities are still available for interested parties...

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  • Aus Museum Eureka Prizes

    The 2013 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are open now.

    Presented annually by the Australian Museum, the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence in the fields of research & innovation, leadership & commercialisation, school science and science journalism & communication.

    Full details from Australian Museum...

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  • CRCSI on the ABC

    CRCSI on the ABC

    A project to map the topography of Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Samoa to plan for rising sea levels has begun.

    The project uses laser equipment to create a 3D map of the islands showing ground elevation, vegetation, canopy height and building placement.

    The technical advisor from the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, Dr Nathan Quadros, said the project will ultimately allow locals to plan for changes in the coastal environment.

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  • Lecturer in GIS and Remote Sensing

    Charles Sturt University is looking for an Associate Lecturer/Lecturer in GIS and Remote Sensing. More information from CSU...

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  • Australian GIS training for Pacific islanders

    Australian GIS training for Pacific islanders

    CRCSI and Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) have awarded a GIS training and capacity building contract for Tonga, PNG, Vanuatu and Samoa to NGIS Pty Ltd.

    The newest stage of the project involves sea level rise-related GIS training and capacity building. For populated coastal areas of low gradient elevation, such as Nuku’alofa in Tonga and the north coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG), sea-level rise is a major concern.

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  • Building a Sustainable Earth through Remote Sensing, IGARSS 2013

    Remote sensing is an ever growing area of research and with sustainability a key issue in our society, this year’s IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium will look at “Building a Sustainable Earth through Remote Sensing”. World renowned scientists and engineers will meet at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between the 21-26 July to discuss the latest exciting developments in satellite imaging technologies, recent research breakthroughs, challenges and future directions of geosciences and remote sensing. Some of the key topics of discussion will include forest degradation, response of the Great Barrier Reef to climate change, disasters and hazard management, pollution and contamination, earthquake mitigation in New Zealand, sea level rise and much more.

    Further details of the conference...

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  • Economic impact of Geo / Spatial

    Economic Impact of Geo - Mapping creates jobs and drives economic growth
    Read Full Report ...

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  • New bathymetry dataset offers easier access

    Geoscience Australia has released a new multibeam bathymetry dataset that provides improved understanding about the topography and nature of the seafloor of offshore Australia, an area which for the most part remains poorly mapped.

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  • Seeking two PhD candidates

    CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructures program is seeking two PhD students. The field of research is the use of semantic web technologies concerned with spatial infrastructures. Spatial infrastructures are used to hold spatial data such as road networks, parcels of land and there are important issues to be solved concerning where data is stored (local authorities, state agencies, or nationally, how it is searched and integrated. The scholarships are available for immediate start.

    Contact Prof Geoff West for more information.

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  • Google Maps helps Ergon see the forest and the trees

    Tracking the growth of trees doesn’t seem an obvious way for a big power company to save money but Queensland’s Ergon Energy estimates it may save nearly $60 million over five years by increasing its use of Google Maps to handle information once stored inside its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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  • Victoria says location-based alerts a success during bushfires

    A recently launched, location-based Emergency Alert system has “performed well” in Victoria during this month’s bushfires, according to the Victoria Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner (OESC).

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  • An open data portal for Queensland

    The state government of Queensland recently launched an open data portal, Queensland Government Data, which gives the public free access to 73 datasets, under categories such as government, public safety, education, transportation and health.

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  • OGC energy mapping GovFuture webinar

    The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), in cooperation with Directions Media, is organising an OGC GovFuture webinar providing insight into how Canadian organisations are using open standards to support planning, design, implementation, measurement, and visualisation of Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES). This free, one-hour webinar will be held on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at 3.00 p.m. UTC/GMT (that’s 11pm in Perth, or 2am Wednesday morning Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time).

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  • we-do-IT launches mobile GIS solution

    Global geospatial IT solutions provider to the Telco and Utility industries, we-do-IT, recently announced the launch of its mobile GIS solution, LatLonGO.

    LatLonGO distributes GIS information to mobile devices, including iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets. It compresses and packages the data for mobile tablet devices, allowing them to work offline without network access, important in remote areas. To ensure broad compatibility, it can load data from a variety of GIS formats.

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  • Curtin research the first in Australia to combine satellite tech

    Two spatial science researchers have completed the first research in Australia to integrate the well-established GPS technology with an emerging satellite system, Galileo.

    The research by Curtin University’s Professor Peter Teunissen and Dr Dennis Odijk, from the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), is the first in Australia to show how two systems can be combined, a capability that is becoming essential as a growing number of next-generation Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) emerge from several countries around the world.

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  • WALIS: SLICP Callout

    The callout for the 2013-14 State Land Information Capture Program is now open. State and local government agencies are invited to make submissions of their data capture needs and/or plans for the 2013/14 financial year. The program is open to any type of location information. Applications can be made by completing the application form available from the WALIS website.

    Although the WALIS Office may be consulted year round to discuss agency requirements, applications should be received by the WALIS office by 15 March 2013, to ensure consideration for the funded program. For further information, please visit the WALIS website or contact the WALIS Office.

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  • WALIS - SLIP Future

    The implementation of SLIP Future, based on the Google Maps Engine platform, is now underway and will be deployed and tested through a 6-project program of work over the next two years.

    The initial build of SLIP Future is on schedule for completion by February 2013.

    SLIP Future workshop (mini-forum) was held on 19 November to discuss the roll-out with 27 State agencies and several Local Governments represented.

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  • WALIS: Strategic Needs of the Cadastre

    The outcomes report from the WALIS half-day Cadastre Strategic Directions Workshop (held on August 16) has now been finalised.

    The report should be useful to Landgate for review work under consideration for the State Cadastral Data Base. Thanks to participant to the workshop for their support and input.

    The strategic needs identified at the workshop distilled down to 8-10 preferred options. Among other findings, the workshop recognised that availability of resources to maintain cadastral-related datasets was a key problem, and efficiencies need be further explored to address this, including crowd-sourcing, eg from trusted stakeholders.

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  • Bushfires NT, CRCSI and Spatial Vision develop fire management methodology

    Bushfires NT, Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information and Spatial Vision: Development of a web-based tool to simplify use of the existing savanna fire management methodology

    The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) allows farmers and other land managers to earn carbon credits by storing carbon or reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the land. Participants can earn carbon credits by setting up a project under an approved CFI methodology, which sets out the ground rules for the activity.

    The vast majority of the calculations required in the savanna fire management methodology can be automated into a simple to use web based tool.

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  • Building Information Modelling research to benefit energy and mining industries

    A new international research centre aimed at improving the productivity of energy, minerals, infrastructure and construction projects was recently launched at Curtin University.

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  • WA State Planning Strategy (Draft)

    Planning Minister John Day today released a draft State Planning Strategy to help Western Australia plan for the future opportunities and challenges it is likely to face.  

    Mr Day said the State Planning Strategy, first published in 1997, had become an integral part of the State’s planning system, designed to inform planning and development decisions throughout WA.

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  • Earthquake map of Australia released

    A series of maps depicting areas of Australia that are more or less susceptible to earthquakes will provide important information to help planners mitigate the possible impacts of future earthquakes.

    The Earthquake Hazard map of Australia 2012 has been developed by seismologists at Geoscience Australia following investigations into the continent’s earthquake history.

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  • Open: Lecturer in Spatial Information Science

    Macquarie University is looking for a Lecturer in Spatial Information Science

    • Work with leading academics
    • Innovative and Supportive Environment
    • Excellent working conditions with an added 17% superannuation

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  • Coordinating Earth Observation Activities in Australia

    Prof. Stuart Phinn, The University of Queensland and Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network; Dr Adam Lewis, Geosciences Australia; and Em. Prof. John Trinder, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission, Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia are in the process of establishing a new national discussion and coordinating group for collecting and using earth observation data in Australia.

    Earth observation is now used  more widely than traditional spatial sciences or geomatic engineering areas, and has become a critical resource for ecological, atmospheric, oceanographic and social sciences, as well as development and maintenance of critical government and private infrastructure.

    As a consequence of recent advances in Australia’s policies and activities using satellite image data, a need has been established for a coordination group enabling the wider earth observation community to engage with Australian government policy, planning and operations.

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  • OGC forms 3D portrayal standards working group

    The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) recently announced the formation of the 3D portrayal standards working group (3D Portrayal SWG). This group is chartered to progress the Candidate OGC Web 3D Service Interface Standard and the OGC Web View Service Discussion Paper to the state of an integrated, adopted OGC standard.

    Full story from Spatial Source

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  • New EU Masters course - GEM 2013

    Five renowned European institutes offer you a unique Erasmus Mundus joint European Master of Science (MSc) Course in Geo‐information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management (GEM).

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  • SoilMapp: leap for soil science

    The new app provides open access to the best and most up-to-date information for soil at any location in the country within a matter of seconds.

    Information such as soil depth, acidity, salinity, soil carbon, soil water holding capacity and other attributes will help land managers, farmers and rural advisors make on-the-spot, decisions about how to more effectively manage their land.

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  • MWA telescope to save $$

    MURCHISON, WESTERN AUSTRALIA: A small pocket of Western Australia’s remote outback is set to become the eye on the sky and could potentially save the world billions of dollars.

    The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope, unveiled today, Friday 30 November, will give the world a dramatically improved view of the Sun and provide early warning to prevent damage to communication satellites, electric power grids and GPS navigation systems.

    The $51 million low-frequency radio telescope will be able to detect and monitor massive solar storms, such as the one that cut power to six million people in Canada in 1989 during the last peak in solar activity.

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  • Post Doc Training - Free Guide

    If you'd like a few hints on getting through your Postdoc work, take a look at the PostDocTraining online guide.

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  • WA Boosts US$23mil GIS Project

    The government of Western Australia is fast-tracking investments in geographic information systems (GIS) under moves to make state-wide land and resources information more readily available for end-users, businesses and agencies.

    An award-winning Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) is being upgraded with the expanded use of spatial technology. This upgrade makes location-based knowledge easier to access, share and use across the state.

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  • OGC and CRCSI making data accessible

    The CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) has joined forces with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The relationship with OGC will be especially strong with the CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructures research program.

    “We’ll be using OGC and other open standards in our research to help direct development of the next generation of spatial infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand”, says Dr Geoff West, Science Director of the CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructures research program.

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  • Australia-wide flood information portal launched

    A new online one-stop-shop for flood risk information was made available this week to assist the community, planners and insurers to access important flood information about their local area.

    In launching the National Flood Risk Information Portal with Geoscience Australia, Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon and Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson said the Portal will be a critical tool in our disaster preparedness kit.

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  • Policy news from spatial@gov

    The first day of this year’s Spatial@Gov conference saw two major government policy announcements: the establishment of a National Foundation Spatial Data Framework, and the imminent whole-of-government licence of PSMA’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF).

    The National Foundation Spatial Data Framework defines the ten data themes that form the authoritative geographic data layers that underpin other data and decision making. The policy recognises these as so critical that government will focus its energy and resources on ensuring its authoritative, reliable supply.

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  • Landgate's SLIP Future contract to NGIS

    Landgate has awarded NGIS Australia the contract to supply and customise the technology which will improve Western Australia’s Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP).

    Known as the SLIP Future project, the redevelopment will be managed by Landgate through the Western Australian Land Information System. The project is a key initiative under the State Government’s $23 million Location Information Strategy to be delivered between 2012 and 2015.

    Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford congratulated NGIS Australia and said the company will play a crucial role in developing a robust, user-driven infrastructure to improve the way location knowledge is accessed across the State.

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  • New 43pl Member: Precision Agriculture

    CRCSI welcomes its newest 43pl member: Precision Agriculture. is a privately owned company primarily offer consulting services to key agricultural sectors across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally.

    Our focus is on getting the most from new technologies for agricultural industries – which includes farm planning, yield mapping, soil mapping, satellite imagery, remote mentoring, Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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  • ISDE8 - Call for Abstracts

    The call is out for Abstracts for the 8th International Symposium on Digital Earth.

    Key Dates

    • 15 September 2012 Call for Abstracts Open
    • 31 January 2013 Ear ly Bird Registration Opens
    • 02 February 2013 Abstract Submission Deadline
    • 28 February 2013 Not if ication of Abstract Acceptance
    • 30 June 2013 Full Paper Submission
    • 30 June 2013 Ear ly Bird Registration Ends
    • 01 July 2013 Late Registration Opens
    • 26-29 August 2013 8th ISDE Symposium

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  • Trimble launches two new GIS data collection handhelds

    Trimble launches two new GIS data collection handhelds

    Trimble recently introduced the Trimble Geo 5 and Juno 5 handheld GNSS devices for data collection, maintenance and inspection applications.

    The Geo 5 provides only the essential functions for all day, submeter productivity in a smaller package than Trimble’s flagship GeoExplorer 6000.

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  • Spatially enabling Australia with CRCSI

    CRCSI CEO Dr Peter Woodgate tells Geospatial World about the current projects, educational initiatives and challenges of CRCSI.

    Read the interview

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  • GPS signals to study climate

    Researchers at RMIT University will investigate using noise in GPS signals to determine how much water is in the atmosphere, leading to more accurate climate models and predictions.

    Dr Suelynn Choy from RMIT ’s School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences will use the Malcolm Moore scholarship to see if data from Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) can be combined to give a record of atmospheric water content.

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  • OGC announces water information standard

    A new water information standard has been announced by the international standards body, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Known as WaterML2.0, the new standard will assist in better management of one of the world’s most valuable natural resources.

    CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology led the development of the new international water information exchange standard, which has already been adopted by a number of organisations, including the United States Geological Survey, KISTERS, Deltares, San Diego Supercomputer Center (University of California) and GeoConnections - Natural Resources Canada.

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  • Landgate and DEC partner to consolidate data

    A more current and comprehensive topographic record of Western Australia will be the product of a new partnership between Landgate and the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

    The two agencies will combine resources and consolidate information from their separate data sets into one database, to provide a single source of topographic data for the State. Implemented using Esri’s 9.3.1 software, the project will reduce costs, duplication, inconsistencies and time spent on maintenance.

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  • Satellite launch lifts research to new heights

    RMIT University's research collaboration with the German Aerospace Centre has entered a new phase with the launch of the TET-1 satellite.

    TET-1 will test infrared image technology which will be used by RMIT disaster management researchers.

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  • Destination Spatial - Live!

    A new website launched last week will help people put themselves on a career path in the spatial information industry and become “the brains behind the map”.

    Barely a day goes by without the news including something from organisations like Apple, Google, Nokia or Microsoft accessing better, more appropriate or more detailed and accurate location or “spatial” information and delivering it to their users.

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  • Awarding Victorian excellence in SI

    A program that helps Aboriginal Australians to map and share their cultural heritage and a pilot system that is aiding China to adopt the Torrens land titling system were amongst the winners recognised at the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards.

    Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips, who spoke at the awards, congratulated the winners for the quality and innovation obvious in their work.

    Victorian Spatial Excellence Award winners

    • Community Contribution Award - Iconyx
    • Innovation Award - SKM
    • Spatial Enablement Award - Spatial Vision & SKM (Joint category winners)
    • Export Award - Cohga
    • Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence - Spatial Vision
    • Professional of the Year Award - Neil Smith
    • Service to the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Community Award - Robyn McCutcheon
    • Young Spatial Professional of the Year Award - Joanne Poon
    • Education Professional Development Award - Cliff Ogleby
    • Education Professional Development Award - Dr David Silcock
    • SSSI Undergraduate Student Award - Matthew Louden
    • SSSI Postgraduate Student Award - Marcos Nino-Ruiz
    • Excellence Award for Cadastral Surveying - Andrew Lovelock
    • Melbourne University Thornton Smith Medal - Professor William Cartwright

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  • Trimble and FARO sign OEM

    Trimble and FARO announced recently that they have signed an OEM and distribution agreement for 3D laser scanners.

    Under the agreement, FARO will provide Trimble with an OEM differentiated product based upon its successful FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform. Trimble will offer the OEM product throughout its worldwide survey and building construction distribution networks, serving the needs of surveyors, contractors, engineers and geospatial professionals. As part of the strategic relationship, future versions of the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform will also be made available to Trimble.

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  • Victorian data now available to all

    The economic power of Victorian Government data is about to be unleashed, with the announcement of two new policies that will enable unprecedented access to the state's data.

    Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips, who announced the new DataVic Access and Intellectual Property policies last week at the 8th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards, said that Victorian Government data was one of the state's most important public assets.

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  • Vic Technology Voucher Program

    The Technology Voucher Program has been developed by the Victorian Government to drive the use of cutting edge technologies and to support Victorian companies to compete locally and globally.  It provides responsive and nimble funding for businesses wanting to explore the use of  technology to create more competitive products and processes.

    $50,000 Technology Development - (incorporating STIUP Technical voucher)

    $250,000 Technology Implementation - (incorporating STIUP Trial voucher)

    $10,000 Technology Student Accelerator

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  • The XXII Congress of the ISPRS wraps up

     The once-every-four-years congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) has finished up, with the closing ceremony running on Saturday, 1st September.

    Attracting 2,000 visitors from across the world – including around 500 from Australia – the Congress ran for a week from 25 August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and included over 700 presentations from the many special and themed sessions, as well as a thorough technical program.

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  • LISAsoft's Cameron Shorter joins OSGeo board

    Congratulations to Cameron Shorter, Geospatial Solutions Manager at LISAsoft and supporter and promoter of the OSGeo-Live DVD, who has been appointed to the OSGeo Board.

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  • PSMA's location IT project wins international award

    An international award has been won by a geospatial information technology project developed by PSMA Australia.

    The Exemplary Systems in Government Awards, presented in the USA by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), recognises extraordinary achievement in the use of automated information systems.

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  • 100th CORSnet-NSW base station installed

    Last month, the 100th CORSnet-NSW Continuously Operating Reference Station was installed and activated in Inverell. This milestone has been achieved well ahead of schedule and joins the other newly activated base stations in Bingleburra (near Dungog), Anna Bay, Merriwa, Newcastle East, Fort Denison, Hay, Balranald, Narrandera, Forbes, Warialda, Gunnedah, Nowendoc and Yamba.

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  • iVEC Chairman Mal Bryce wins 2012 Pearcey Medal

    iVEC is proud to announce that Chairman Mal Bryce was recently awarded the Pearcey Medal for lifetime contribution to the ICT sector:

    A PERTH science luminary is the recipient of the 2012 national Pearcey award for his contribution to the growth and development of the internet industry in Australia.

    Awarded last week, the prestigious information and technology award was presented to Dr Mal Bryce for recognition of his distinguished lifetime achievement within the Information and communications (ICT) industry.

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  • Aus Innovation Challenge entry extended

    The deadline for entries in the $70,000 The Australian Innovation Challenge awards – aimed at finding game-changing ideas in fields including minerals and energy, community services and environment, agriculture and food – has been extended until Sunday, August 26.

    Run by The Australian in association with Shell and supported by the federal Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, the awards will help drive some of the nation’s best ideas to commercialisation or execution.

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  • Position open: A/Prof Geo-information management - Uni of Twente

    The University of Twente's ITC Deparment invites qualified persons to apply for the position of

    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: Geo-information management for Remote Sensing in Natural Resources.

    Full details.

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  • NSW Science and Engineering Awards 2012

    Nominations for the 2012 NSW Science and Engineering Awards are now open.

    The awards aim to engage and involve the NSW research community and the public in promoting the value of science and engineering and to encourage careers in both fields.

    Scientists, engineers and teachers are encouraged to read the guidelines and nominate for the awards.

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  • Three new conferences in Events

    There are three new conferences now in the Events tab. Keep an eye on our Events feed for news of upcoming CRCSI and partner events.

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  • esri and Microsoft to provide disaster maps and apps

    Esri recently announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft to assist public and private agencies and communities around the world during disasters.

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  • Australia signs MOU for Landsat 8 access

    Geoscience Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), that makes Australia a partner in the operation of the new Landsat 8 satellite.

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  • Web mapping solution developed by PSMA Australia wins industry award

    A web mapping solution developed by PSMA Australia has won a major mapping industry award.

    The International Map Trade Association (Australia & New Zealand) presented the 2012 Gold Award for Best Internet Website to PSMA Web Map Tiles at an award function held at the association’s conference in Brisbane on Monday 9 July.

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  • Combining Mobile and UAV Scans for 3D City Modeling in Singapore

    The Singapore ETH Centre-Future Cities Laboratory (SEC-FCL) has commissioned a mission to laser-scan the campus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a mobile mapping system (MMS), and as a result a unique multi-source 3D dataset was generated, providing new algorithmic and procedural approaches to 3D city modeling.

    In three hours of mobile scanning, 16.7 km of roads were captured, consisting of 154 GB of point clouds, with 8,166 video street images at 34 GB. This MMS data will be added to the already existing 800 aerial images produced with a UAV (octocopter) in February 2012. The final aim is to produce a very high resolution 3D model of the NUS campus.

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  • spatial@gov2012 registrations open

    Registrations for spatial@gov 2012 are now open!

    spatial@gov is the only geospatial conference and technical expo organised in conjunction with the peak organisations representing the public, private, research and professional sectors of the spatial community in Australia and New Zealand.

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  • OGC Australia & NZ Forum announced

    In June, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) members of Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), with the assistance of ANZLIC, chartered an OGC ANZ Forum.

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  • Spatial Health Month - Lunch & Learn

    Spatial information and technology has an important role in these and other challenges facing health professionals today.

    To learn more come along to one or more of the talks being offered during Spatial Health Month.

    Lunch & Learn Series

    WA Department of Health Theatrette

    189 Royal Street, East Perth, 12 – 1pm

    1. Thu 12 July Tarun Weeramanthri, Executive Director, Public Health and Clinical Services Division
          “Is health the final frontier for spatial science?”
    2. Thu 19 July Dan Goldberg, Research A/Prof Spatial Science, University of Southern California. Dan’s research is focused on GIS tool development, geocomputation, environmental exposure assessment, and uncertainty analysis.
          “Uncertainty in geocoded data and its effects on environmental health studies”
    3. Tue 24 July Grace Yun Senior Research Analyst GIS & Geoff West CRCSI P3 Manager & P2.01 and P4.41 Leader
          “Spatial health in action”


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  • Defence Global Supply Chain Roadshow

    The Defence Material Organisation's Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program facilitates opportunities for Australian industry by enabling access to Multi-National Prime companies to suitably qualified suppliers.

    The GSC program is currently requesting expressions of interest in attending the upcoming Roadshow event tentatively scheduled for October 2012 at various locations around Australia. The intent of the Roadshow is to promote program awareness and its related benefits, as well as to allow the opportunity for industry to meet with multinational defence Primes and representatives from State Governments, DIIC, DTC, DMO, the Defence Export Unit and more.

    In order to make this event as successful as possible, we intend to issue a consolidated booklet to the Primes with SME information quad charts prior to the activities in order for Primes to pre-select SMEs that they may wish to have a more in-depth discussion with at the various industry forums in each city.

    To assist with the consolidation of quad charts we are requesting that all SMEs who will be attending provide a company quad chart, using a set template. Please review and update the attached template.

    Once completed, please send your quad chart and expression of interest to

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  • Geospatial Advances Drive Big Data Problem, Solution

    For thousands of years, humanity has sought to improve its ability to make decisions. Record keeping and information gathering has driven many of the innovations. Better information leads to competitive advantage on the battlefield and in the boardroom. But today, we have a truly 21st century problem: too much information. Or rather, too much data, and not enough information.   ...

    There are a number of approaches to drive to the solution of the Big Data problem currently in development that leverage geospatial tools in ways ranging from business as usual, to innovative, novel, and revolutionary. If anything is clear, it is that the eventual solution will use components from each of these different approaches, but more importantly, it is that geospatial technology – while a major contributor to the Big Data problem – is also a key part of the solution.

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  • DIISRTE forum: National Research Investment Plan

    The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) is holding an open discussion forum for the research and industry sectors on the development of a National Research Investment Plan. The forum is comprised of a roadshow of meetings in each state.

    The National Research Investment Plan will consider, among other things:

    • an overview of the location and capabilities of Australia's excellent researchers and innovators;
    • areas of world class collaborative research activities;
    • areas of demand by industry, government and other end users; and 
    • future priorities for major strategic research investments.

    It will consider , at the system level, priorities for investment through two lenses:

    • the key policy challenges for Australia over the next decade and the priority areas for research investment to provide assistance in addressing these challenges; and
    • the investments required to sustain an effective research system.

    The WA meeting will be chaired by Professor Lyn Beazley, Chief Scientist of Western Australia and will take place on Friday 20 July, from 9.30am - 12.30pm.

    Please contact ARCom Secretariat, Science Policy Branch at or on 61 2  6213 7253 for details of meetings in other states.

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  • SKM appoints new regional manager for WA & NT

    Strategic consulting, design and project delivery firm Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) has appointed Richard Hayers as Regional Manager, Western Australia/Northern Territory.

    A civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience in management, design and construction of water infrastructure projects, Richard joined SKM in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand, after emigrating from the United Kingdom.

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  • $70k Aus Innovation Challenge Awards

    The search is on again for the nation’s greatest ideas – in fields from environmental science to education – through the $70,000 The Australian Innovation Challenge awards.

    The awards are run by The Australian in association with Shell with the support of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

    The goal is to help drive game-changing breakthroughs by scientists, engineers, technologists, educators and backyard inventors to commercialisation or adoption.

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  • GPS technology improves weather forecasting

    Researchers at RMIT University's SPACE Research Centre and the Bureau of Meteorology are using GPS and low earth orbit satellites to provide an additional type of temperature profile observation for use in weather forecasting computer models.

    The computer models draw on about a hundred thousand million current weather observations, including data from 30 to 40 complementary satellite instruments, to generate the information used by meteorologists to prepare weather forecasts.

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  • Nokia and Critchlow join forces in New Zealand

    An agreement between Critchlow and Nokia Location & Commerce has been signed increasing the geospatial datasets available to New Zealand's government and the commercial sector.

    The deal sees Wellington-based Critchlow become the preferred reseller for a range of specialist NAVTEQ Map data and services.

    Not only does the agreement introduce datasets not currently available in New Zealand – like sophisticated 3D city models and comprehensive traffic pattern data – the deal also allows Critchlow to resell NAVTEQ Map data to New Zealand- and Australian-based organisations that need multi-national datasets.

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  • 4th Digital Earth Summit - call for papers extended

    After receiving a number or requests to extend the early bird registrations to allow for the end of the financial year, the organising committee for the 4th Digital Earth Summit has extended the early bird registration period to Friday, 29 June 2012.

    In addition to the early bird registrations, the committee has also extended the Call for Papers to Friday, 29 June.

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  • Searching for the link between earthquakes and health

    The impact the recent Christchurch earthquakes has had on people’s health in different parts of the city is being undertaken by researchers at the University of Canterbury.

    The research is part of an initiative to support the health sector with improved service delivery following natural disasters.

    Funded through the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI), the research will investigate if people living in red zoned areas of town are suffering more health problems than those in other areas or if they are all equally affected due to the city-wide uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next.

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  • Remote sensing helps target fire ants

    Biosecurity Queensland’s fire ant control centre is using remote-sensing technology to locate any remaining fire ants in the state, to better target campaigns to destroy the pest.

    The South American species measures only 2-6mm in size, yet poses serious social, economic, and environmental threats. The ants were first detected in Brisbane in February, 2001.

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  • Ozri 2012 program available

    The program for Ozri 2012 – Esri Australia’s user conference – is now available.

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  • WASEA award winners 2012

    The Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards Dinner was held last month, and the winners of the awards have now been announced.

    McMullen Nolan Group recently collected several awards during the 2012 Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, including ‘Overall,’ ‘Industry’ and ‘Individual’ category awards.

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  • Google Earth Builder renamed

    In September 2011, Google launched its Earth Builder - a product that allows customers to use Google's cloud computing infrastructure to store, manage and share their own geospatial data and maps.

    Last week, however, Google announced a name change via its enterprise blog.

    “We didn’t think “Earth Builder” reflected the true capabilities of the product or vision that we have for easily accessible geospatial data. So, today we're renaming Google Earth Builder to be called Google Maps Engine.”

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  • Best of the Blogs May 2012

    See below for Spatial Source's wrap up of the best geospatial blogs in May

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  • Future trends in Geospatial Info Management

    A working group was established to assess the future trends in geospatial information management at the 1st meeting of the UN Committee on GGIM in Seoul, Korea.

    Discussion in the Geothought blog

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  • Report: Continuity of Earth Observation Data for Australia

    In 2011, CSIRO undertook a national study into Earth observation data dependencies and continuity issues for the Australian research and development sector. Continuity of Earth Observation Data for Australia: Research and Development Dependencies to 2020 (CEODA-R&D) is the report of the study.

    Read the report here

    Read the annex to the report here

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  • Trimble acquires Google's SketchUp 3D Modelling Platform

    Trimble recently announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SketchUp, one of the most popular 3D modelling tools in the world, from Google. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2012, subject to customary closing conditions and expiration of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act. While financial terms are not being disclosed, the transaction is not expected to be material to 2012 earnings per share.

    Full story from Spatial Source

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  • PSMA wins international geospatial award

    A spatial information technology project developed by PSMA Australia has won a major award at the Geospatial World Forum Conference, currently underway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    The Geospatial World Policy Award for Exemplary Implementation of Geospatial Policies and Programs was awarded to PSMA Systems in recognition of the technology’s role in significantly improving and streamlining the mechanism for collection, assembly and delivery of fundamental geospatial information for Australia.

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  • Position Partners launches AllDayRTK Australia-wide CORS network

    Position Partners has launched AllDayRTK, a national network RTK solution across Australia providing flexible, subscription-based services for the surveying, GIS, civil construction, mining and precision farming industries. Additionally, Position Partners is offering all new users a free 30-day trial.

    AllDayRTK is a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network.

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  • CRCSI scholarships open at UNSW

    The School of Surveying & Spatial Information Systems at UNSW in Sydney is looking for students to fill three PhD and three Research Masters scholarships across three research areas in the field of navigation and earth observation research (NEO).

    The scholarships are valued at $27,000 per year (tax free), with funding coming from the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI).

    Full story from Spatial Source

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  • Map it once, use it many times - Bill

    A Bill has been introduced into the US Congress called the "Map it Once Use it Many times Act", as introduced by Republican Congressman  Doug Lamborn.

    Its purpose is to ensure the a comprehensive geospatial 'database' (and it defines what should be in the database) is available to improve service delivery, reduce costs and duplication  and foster the growth of private geoispatial firms.

    It identifies that geospatial information is necessary and has broad economic value and goes on to highlight some interesting areas it will assist with:

    • Preventing future disruptions in home mortgage system
    • Implementation and development of smart energy grid
    • Deployment of national broadband service

    It details a funding strategy that includes the use of government appropriations and also (unusually for the US) user fees for access to the database.

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  • Investigation into the Spatial Capacity of Australia

    In early 2010, Mr Drew Clarke, Secretary of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism invited Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, Director General and Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey, Great Britain, to investigate Australia's current spatial capability in order to inform future spatial policy and capability developments.

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  • Tasmanian spatial infrastructure project

    A two-year Spatial Information Foundations infrastructure project has been initiated by the Tasmanian Government, with funding of up to $3 million allocated to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment (DPIPWE) over the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 financial years.

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  • CRCSI funds NZ projects

    The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) recently granted funds to three New Zealand research projects.

    The first project is being developed by University of Canterbury’s HITLab and Christchurch-based ZNO Ltd. The project aims to develop a mobile phone application that will be used to visualise the future urban design of Christchurch.

    The second project aims to develop driverless vehicles. With the availability of better weather predictions, earth movement modelling and real-time data, this concept can be converted into a reality.

    Under the third project, also initiated by University of Canterbury, Prof Simon Kingham and his team from the Geohealth Lab will conduct research on the spatial relationships between stress-related health outcomes and the level of neighbourhood damage.

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  • Australasian Spatial Information Education and Research Association (ASIERA)

    Dr Stephan Winter has taken on the role of Chair of the Australasian Spatial Information Education and Research Association (ASIERA). He would like to introduce himself and renew your connections to ASIERA.

    Please read the attached letter from Dr Winter.

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  • CRCSI Annual Conference

    CRCSI Annual Conference

    The CRCSI conference for 2012 is at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 9 and 10 May - see the CRCSI Conference page for updates and information.

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  • First Civillian Photogrammetric UAV Flight Over Singapore

    For the first time Singaporean authorities have given permission for a photogrammetric UAV mapping/modeling flight over an important area of the city. In the context of the SEC-FCL (Future Cities Laboratory) project a pilot study is conducted with the goal to generate a high quality 3D city model of the NUS campus from UAV images. 800 images were needed to cover the area. Data processing is in progress.

    UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have recently become a strong focus of attention, since fairly inexpensive platforms, navigation and control devices and sensors for instantaneous digital data production have become available.

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  • GeoRabble Sydney #4: speakers announced

    The latest GeoRabble for Sydney is scheduled for March 29, and four exciting speakers have been announced.

    The four speakers include:

    • Jack Zhao from Small Multiples: Are casino operators targeting vulnerable community groups?
    • Andrew Cook: 10 good reasons to share data
    • Kathryn Howard from Bookcrossing: Books just wanna be free!
    • Paul Wither: Set your data free from the typing pool

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  • WASEA & WASSIC 2012: Surveying and spatial diversity

    Building on last year’s event, this year’s West Australian Surveying and Spatial Information Conference (WASSIC) will be even bigger and better, incorporating an expanded spatial stream and a larger exhibition.

    The revamped WASSIC 2012 event will also be run for the first time in conjunction with the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards (WASEA) dinner.

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  • SSSI releases 2012 Land Surveying Commission Conf Program

    The National Land Surveying Commission Conference 2012 will be held at the Sebel, Albert Park, in Melbourne, from the 18th to the 21st April 2012.

    This conference continues and expands upon the tradition of national Australian surveying conferences as previously organised by the Institution of Surveyors Australia.

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  • SSSI Strategic Plan 2015 released

    Gary Maguire has announced the release of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) latest strategic plan: Strategy 2015.

    “Over the past 14 months, board members have been working very hard to produce a strategy that has relevance to our members, stakeholders and staff while also articulating a pathway of sustainability and a vision of leadership,” said Gary.

    The strategy is divided into six priority areas and 21 broad strategies with deliverable targets.

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  • Esri Supports Collaboration with OpenStreetMap Community

    Esri announced that president Jack Dangermond affirmed his commitment to making map content accessible to everyone with a monetary donation to the OpenStreetMap Foundation. The OpenStreetMap Foundation's initiative, OpenStreetMap (OSM), strives to create and provide free geographic data, particularly street maps, for use worldwide. The mission of this nonprofit organization parallels Esri's efforts to empower people to share a common picture of the world through map-based information over the web.

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  • Exploring Digital Earth and Technology - 4th DE Summit

    Registrations are now open for the 4th Digital Earth Summit, “Digital Earth and Technology” being held in Wellington New Zealand from 2 to 4 September 2012.

    Wellington City Council and Land Information New Zealand have partnered to bring the 4th Digital Earth Summit to Wellington. The Summit will bring the best speakers from overseas and from New Zealand to exchange knowledge and explore technology advancement in this exciting area.

    The Summit will focus on digital earth science and technology, including advanced earth observation systems, augmented reality and visualisation, high-performance computation and simulation, and spatial data infrastructures.

    Full information

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  • Exchange opportunity in China

    The CRCSI is a participant in a group known as ABCC that involves Australia, Brazil, Canada, and China.  It's creation was driven by Prof. Guo Huadong, Director General of the Centre for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) in Beijing.  Some information is available at:

    To enhance collaboration, CEODE has offered to host Australian researchers in Beijing for 1-2 months to work on targeted projects with Chinese colleagues.  Our understanding is that CEODE would be willing to cover expenses for Australian researchers to travel to Beijing, and there would be an expectation that Australia would be willing to reciprocate.  To that end, the CRCSI has decided to make available $5,000 to cover the cost of a Chinese visitor spending 1-2 months in Australia.

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  • Early Career Researchers showcase

    The CRC Association's "Showcasing Early Career Researchers 2012" is open now.

    Read the further information and call for applications.

    The applications close at COB 30 March 2012.

    Early career researchers are invited to enter one only of two categories:

    • Research Presentation, a ten minute presentation allowing visual aids
    • Three Minute Thesis, which does not allow visual aids

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  • Science and Industry Endowment Fund

    Spanning a history of over 80 years, the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) provides grants to science and scientists for the purposes of assisting Australian industry, furthering the interests of the Australian community and contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives. This unique and esteemed funding arrangement recently received a substantial gift facilitating the rejuvenated Fund to be a mechanism for significant support of science in Australia.

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  • KCA Masterclass 2012

    The latest KCA metrics survey highlighted the importance of public sector research collaborations, contracts and partnerships with industry and valued this portion of our activities at $1.3 billion annually. Whether you are a large public sector research organisation or a smaller university you need to be able to engage and work collaboratively with industry to achieve effective translation of your research endeavours and outcomes.

    This KCA Masterclass will explore various approaches to improve research partnerships and interactions between the public research sector and industry. What works well and what doesn’t? How can we better understand each others needs in this process? What are some of the issues and deal-breakers in such interactions?

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  • Curtin appoints new DVC (R&D)

    Curtin University has appointed Professor Graeme Wright to the position of deputy vice-chancellor, research and development (DVC R&D).

    Professor Wright began his career at Curtin University in 1991 as a lecturer in spatial sciences, before obtaining his PhD in 2000. In 2004, he was appointed head of spatial sciences.

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  • The GeoNext Startup Showcase

    One of the unique highlights from the GeoNext conference was the ‘Startup Showcase’ where three competing startups were each given 10 minutes to pitch their company to four panellists

    Full story from SpatialSource

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  • The next wave of innovation

    One of the many wonderful speakers at Geonext 2012 was Dr James Bradfield Moody, whom opened the conference with a presentation, entitled: The Next Wave of Innovation: Convergence of Digital and Natural.

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  • Augmented reality - the future interface for pervasive computing

    Rob Manson, from MOB and, gave a fascinating presentation on the future of augmented reality (AR), and the way that sensors are moving to the background of our environment.

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  • Directions 2012: Esri Australia's Tour de Force

    Some of Australia’s leading geo-enabled enterprises have confirmed they will be presenting at Esri Australia’s road show technical seminars, Directions.

    Western Power, VicRoads, the Department of Fisheries and Hobart City Council are amongst the organisations that will be sharing their GIS experiences at Directions 2012: Esri Australia’s Tour de Force.

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  • Unlock the full potential of location information

    The linkage of location and proximity with other forms of information - whether social, demographic, economic or environmental - has the potential to reveal valuable new insights that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business analysis or policy development.

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  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, After All, It’s About Geospatial Jobs

    The geospatial technology professional is at a turning point. The U.S. Department of Labor has identified the need for 330,000 qualified geospatial technologists to fill positions during the next 10 years. On top of that, geospatial technology is embedded in both mobile location apps and enterprise computing, increasing awareness of the technology and the need for those who understand GIS. So, where will we find qualified professionals to do the job? Editor in Chief Joe Francica looks at an important initiative that supports job training and education.

    Full story from Directions Mag

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  • Excitement for think-tank's potential

    The nation’s first independent think-tank, entirely devoted to policy issues impacting regional Australia, was launched at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday.
    The idea behind the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) evolved during the 2010 negotiations with key rural independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, to form the current minority Federal government.

    The concept was included in the independent’s written agreement with Prime Minister Julia Gillard - the $10 billion deal for regional Australia.

    Full story from Queensland Country Life

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  • Earthmine launches in Australia

    The Hon. Brendon Grylls MLA, Minister for Lands, officially launched earthmine Australia Pty Ltd (eA) in Perth last week.

    The joint venture with Australian partners Geomatic Technologies, Landgate and earthmine Inc. (USA), offers a complete end-to-end solution for the collection, processing and delivery of 3D street level imagery in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

    Full story from SpatialSource

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  • Registration for ISPRS 2012 now open

    With the support of the ISPRS Technical Commissions, the XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing – subtitled ‘Imaging a Sustainable Future' – will offer delegates eight exciting days of tutorials, workshops, presentations and technical tours. And of course there will also be an engaging social programme that will be a mix of cultural and sporting events. Whether you prefer an evening at theatre or a taste of Australian rules football, there will be something for you to enjoy. The social programme will be just a small sample of the highlights of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

    Full story from SpatialSource

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  • Applications open for WA Spatial Excellence Awards 2012

    Applications are now open for the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, to be presented at a Gala Dinner on Thursday, 17th May 2012.

    The WA Spatial Excellence Awards recognise outstanding achievements of both individuals and organisations engaged in the spatial information industry across the

    Full story from SpatialSource

    Entry form [PDF]

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  • Best of the Blogs - 28 Feb

    SpatialSource has put together the best of the blogs for end of February 2012

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  • BeiDou-2/Compass Satellite Launch Imminent

    BeiDou-2/Compass Satellite Launch Imminent

    A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) has been issued by Chinese authorities for a satellite launch on Thursday, February 24,  at about 16:20 UTC. According to web reports, the launch from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center will orbit the fifth geostationary satellite in the BeiDou-2/Compass constellation.

    Story and images from GPS World

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  • Compass, Galileo PRS, Earth Observation, Education on Tap in Munich

    The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, convening March 13-15 in Germany, will for the first time include an Education Session. Also featured this year, a special session on Compass, the fast-growing Chinese constellation. A session will be dedicated to the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES): current status and perspectives of the European Earth-monitoring program. In addition, a session on the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) and related aspects is envisaged.

    Full story

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  • 10 Must Read Recent GISuser Geo, Social, and Mobile Features, Blogs and Spotlights

    GISuser has put together a list of 10 must read blogs and spotlights on the following topics

    • Landsat 5 Suspension of Operations Extended
    • Esri Updates - ArcGIS in more languages
    • Announcing the 2012 Esri #DevMeetup Schedule
    • Checkin to Google Places
    • The new Nokia Lumia smart phone
    • PhoneGap OpenSource deploys to 7 mobile platforms
    • USGIF opening its 2012 Scholarship Program
    • Latitude Geographics featured in Canada's national newspaper
    • Registration open for the 2012 Washington GIS Conference
    • Carnival of the Geospatialists 4

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  • WA Spatial Excellence Awards now open

    Welcome to the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, hosted by
    the Western Australian regional groups of the Spatial Information
    Business Association (ASIBA) and the Surveying & Spatial Sciences
    Institute (SSSI).

    Entering projects into the awards is a great way to give due recognition to your staff, your department and your clients for innovations in our industry. The Awards are announced and presented at the Gala Dinner on Thursday 17 May 2012.

    The deadline for entries will be 20 April 2012, however entries can be submitted at any time.

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  • Nominations open for Excellence in eGovernment Awards

    The Department of Finance and Deregulation is again hosting the Excellence in eGovernment Awards, and nominations are now open.

    There are five award categories:

    • Applications Development
    • Geospatial
    • Government 2.0
    • Project Management
    • Service Delivery

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  • Chris Rizos receives Elected Fellow Membership of the Institute of Navigation

    During the recent Institute of Navigation (ION) International Technical Meeting (ITM) 2012 in Newport Beach, California, ION announced that Professor Chris Rizos is a recipient of the 2012 Fellow Membership.

    Professor Chris Rizos has been elected for sustained contributions to the practice and management of satellite navigation research; and for leadership representing the satellite navigation community in Australia.

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  • Best of the Blogs

    Spatial Source have put together a list of the best of the spatial blogs out this week.

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  • Innovation - it's in your hands

    The WA Department of Commerce is offering a financial boost to access professional skills, services or knowledge that will enable you to advance your idea or commercial activity in WA.

    If you are an SME with a great idea, your project could be worth up to $20 000!

    Applications are open now:

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  • AURIN funding to give CRCSI Health Geovisualisation Tools to urban planners

    CRCSI has been funded to produce an open source version of its award-winning HealthTracks software which spatially empowers public health decision making and policy setting.

    The proposed open-source version of HealthTracks and datasets will help urban researchers and policy developers in answering a multitude of urban health and well-being research questions.

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  • CRC Impact Study

    The Allen Consulting Group has been commissioned by the Department of Innovation, Science and Research to undertake an assessment of the impacts of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program. The primary objective of this study is to provide an assessment of the economic, social and environmental net impacts, both monetary and non-monetary, of the CRC Program to Australia.

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  • Open Innovation for free download

    Stephan Lindegaard is a Copenhagen-based author, speaker and adviser on Open Innovation. Stephan has made his latest book Making Open Innovation Work available free for download. You can follow Stephan on Twitter @lindegaard.

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  • Urgent request for Research participants

    Brenda Mackie, a second-year BushfireCRC PhD student, is looking at how people interpret warnings in relation to bushfires.

    She has developed an online survey to test some ideas which have come out of two rounds of interviews and an in-depth literature review. Brenda urgently needs interested participants to do her survey several times over the fire season — it takes about 20 minutes the first time and 15 minutes thereafter. The survey would be sent out during the last week of January.

    The people for whom her survey is designed would be either gender and:

    1. be over 20 and under 60
    2. have lived for 3 years (or more) in a semi-rural or rural area
    3. are internet-savvy
    4. Optional (but nice to have) Are not overly involved in local CFA or community fire-mitigation groups.

    Please contact Brenda by email:

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  • EOmag: LANDSAT archives now available

    On 23 November 2011, over 30 years of archived data from the US Landsat Earth-observing satellites became available, free of charge. The majority of these products are unique to ESA’s (European Space Agency) archive and have never before been accessible anywhere else by the scientific user community.

    Full Story

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  • Cyclone Heidi captured in satellite images

    Landgate’s Satellite Remote Sensing Services captured dramatic satellite images of Cyclone Heidi blazing a trail over the North West coast of Western Australia near Port Hedland. The images were captured at Wednesday 10 January 2012 at 2.41pm and Thursday 11 January 2012 at 7.38am.

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  • Mineral deposits linked to tectonic evolution

    Scientists investigating Australia's significant mineral deposits believe they may be linked to the formation and break-up of supercontinents.

    Geologist Dr David Huston says the history of supercontinents could indicate where large mineral, petroleum and coal deposits may be found in the future.

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  • Global Spatial Network announced

    The “Global Spatial Network” has been confirmed as the formal business name of the international network of geospatial networks.

    Business planning and operations planning took a major step forward at the last GSN board meeting. Discussions focused on strengthening international research initiatives and leveraging new technologies and education opportunities.

    In addition the GSN website is ready for launch in the coming weeks.

    The mission of the GSN is to leverage global partnerships for geomatic engineering and spatial information science research, to facilitate education and training, to bid for funds for use by partners, and to help establish other such networks.

    Founding members are CentroGeo (Mexico); CRCSI (ANZ), Future Position X (Sweden); GEOIDE (Canada); KSLG (Korea).

    Media enquiries: Peter Woodgate, CEO CRCSI or + 61 408 252 083

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  • IJDE Paper - Digital Earth 2020

    On March 16-18, 2011, the ISDE Secretariat held a meeting inviting a number of scientists to the Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to discuss the development of Digital Earth since the advent of this concept, and what will be new towards 2020.

    As an output from the discussion meeting, a paper has been published on the International Journal of Digital Earth (IJDE), which is freely accessible from IJDE website (for a month). For Free Access to the paper entitled “Digital Earth 2020: towards the vision for the next decade”, published in Volume 5, Issue 1, 2012.

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  • Ten predictions for 2012

    V1 editors Jeff Thurston and Matt Ball spent some time reflecting on emerging stories and growing trends to come up with the following predictions for 2012. On the list are technology advancements, policy initiatives and the continued evolution of model-based design.

    Read the full list

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  • ASM: Top 5 Features of 2011

    The editors of Asian Surveing and Mapping have gathered together the Top 5 articles of 2011:

    1) Singapore Uses GIS as an Enabler to Build a Networked Government

    2) What Does An Integrated Geospatial Strategy Mean?

    3) Australia Takes a Sustainability Approach to Urban Planning Reform

    4) Ocean Exploration: Spatial Challenges in the Sea

    5) The Future of the Global Navigation System of Systems

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  • Directions Mag: Top 10 News Podcasts

    Directions Magazine Exeucitve Editor Adena Schutzberg picked out the top "Directions on the News" podcasts from the last six months.

    See the list

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  • What’s the Business Value of Geospatial Standards?

    In November, the OGC launched their Business Value Survey.  Any and all geospatial technology users and providers are invited to complete a survey on the value of OGC standards.

    The impetus for this survey came from the OGC Business Value Committee that has been tasked with three primary goals:

    1. Assess the effort (costs) and outcomes (benefits) required to successfully use geospatial standards
    2. Understand and articulate the advantages of developing and using OGC standards
    3. Enable the wider community of stakeholders to leverage business value as a tool to foster investment and implementation

    From the OGC announcement: The survey is a joint effort by two academic researchers who are OGC members and by the OGC Business Value Committee. Dr. Mu Xia at Santa Clara University and Dr. Kexin Zhao at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte developed the survey based on requirements from the OGC Business Value Committee to support their studies on standards effectiveness. The OGC Business Value Committee will use a summary of the results to help the OGC better understand the value of the OGC’s open standards and improve its programs for geospatial standards development, compliance testing and outreach.

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  • WALIS News - wrap-up special

    The WALIS office has released their final News for the year, including a wrap-up of the WALIS Forum/ISDE7 in August.

    Please find the eNews here.

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  • New SSSI president takes the helm

    The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) has announced that Gary Maguire has taken up the role of president of the institute. He follows Gypsy Bhalla, who now takes up the role of past president on the board.


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  • captures WA development hotspots captures WA development hotspots

    CRCSI's 43pl member has recently finished capturing 5,000 sq km of high-resolution photo maps over Western Australia’s north-west section.

    The capture includes some major developmental hot spots in the area, including Barrow Island (home to the $43 billion Gorgon Project), Karratha, Dampier, Burrup Peninsula, James Price Point (gas precinct), Onslow's Ashburton North facility (Wheatstone project), South Hedland, Port Hedland, Roebourne, Cape Lambert and Broome.

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  • CRCA: Impact and Benchmarking Studies Commence

    Two important studies have started that will have implications for the future of the Cooperative Research Program. The Allen Consulting Group has commenced a Study of the Impact of Cooperative Research Centres, commissioned by the Federal Government. The Study follows the 2005 and 2006 Impact Studies of the Program but with the major difference that environmental and social impacts will also be taken into consideration. The previous two studies only considered economic impact of the CRC Program. The Allen Consulting Group will undertake the study.

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  • CRCA: Major changes to innovation arrangements

    The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced major changes to the Ministerial and Departmental arrangements to the Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio earlier today.

    The Hon Greg Combet will become the Minister for Innovation and Industry whilst also retaining his responsibilities for Climate Change. Senator the Hon Chris Evans will take over as Minister for Science and Research, presumably assuming responsibilities for CRCs. The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research will have Higher Education and Skills incorporated into it, so it will take a few days to determine exact arrangements. In her press conference, the Prime Minister indicated that she assumed Dr Don Russell, the present Secretary of DIISR, will be the head of the new, expanded Department.

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  • DICTA2011: Student paper prize

    DICTA2011: Student paper prize

    Thomas Albrecht, has won the APRS Best Student Paper Prize at DICTA 2011 with a paper titled Visual Maritime Attention Using Multiple Low-Level Features and Naive Bayes Classification. Thomas is studying at Curtin University, supervised by Geoff West.

    The conference, held in Noosa from 6th-8th December, is the main Australian Conference on computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, and related areas.

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  • Tecterra SME Awards - Now Open

    TECTERRA has TWO competitions open to Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises

    1. GGC 2012 Commercialization Support Services Award (CSS)
    $50,000 non-repayable grant to be used with TECTERRA's Approved Service Providers (ASPs)
    Deadline: April 6, 2012

    2. GGC 2012 Exhibition Award
    $4,000 sponsorship for exhibit space at the GGC trade show
    Deadline: February 23, 2012

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  • Australian urban design protocol released

    A new tool that will help improve the quality and useability of our public spaces and city buildings launched last week at the fifth annual State of Australian Cities Conference, held at the University of Melbourne.

    A plain-English ‘how-to’ guide and check list known as Creating Places for People – an urban design protocol for Australian cities, will help guide decision makers and professionals whose work affects the built environment, as well as members of the public who care about the design of their local community.

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  • Esri Australia partners SSSI

    Two heavyweights of Australia’s $2.1 billion geospatial industry have joined forces in an industry-first partnership designed to expand spatial technology into new, ‘untapped’ markets.

    GIS specialists, Esri Australia, and the nation’s peak spatial professionals body, the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), announced the alliance at the International Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference (SSSC) in New Zealand last week.

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  • APSEA Award winners

    Congratulations to the following winners, announced in November in Canberra....

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  • Spatial@Gov Conference

    The annual spatial@gov conference, the only geospatial event organised in conjunction with the peak organisations in Australia and New Zealand representing the public, private, research and professional sectors of the spatial community, has now finished for another year.

    Themes for this year included: water security; spatial@defence; government spatial activities in other countries; access to government spatial information; emergency response; and the spatial framework for virtual Australia.

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  • New Commercialisation Postgraduate Degree

    The network of Australian Technology Universities are set to provide of a postgraduate degree that helps researchers and research managers unlock the commercial potential of their work from mid-2012.

    Queensland University of Technology's Dean of Research and Research Training Professor Paul Burnett said the postgraduate degree would train future leaders in research and commercialisation. "For some time now, we have recognised a significant need for a formal postgraduate award which provides training in best practice management skills and commercialisation to the research sectors," he said.

    The content, relevant to all technical disciplines, will be provided fully online and presented as a choice postgraduate degree for all professional research managers/administrators, researchers and innovators wanting to further their careers.

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  • New CRC funding outcomes exceeds expectations

    The Australian Minister for Innovation, Kim Carr, has announced the successful bidders in the 14th Selection Round for Cooperative Research Centres. They are: .......

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  • Maximising the Innovation Dividend

    Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb AC, will lead a new committee to guide Australian Government research investment, ensuring it meets the nation's strategic priorities and delivers long-term prosperity and security.

    Releasing the Focusing Australia's Publicly Funded Research Review, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the Labor Government had increased its support for research, science and innovation since taking office by 43 per cent to $9.4 billion this financial year.

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  • WALIS: Location Information Strategy Approved

    The implementation of the Location Information Strategy was approved by State Cabinet on 1 August 2011.

    An executive level Implementation Group is being established to extend agency representation in WALIS to Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of State Development, Department of Regional Development and Lands and Department of Transport.

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  • WALIS: Geoscience Australia Workshop

    On Wednesday, October 19, Geoscience Australia held a stakeholder engagement workshop to brief 25 WALIS community participants on the development of the National Exposure Information System (NEXIS). NEXIS is being accelerated through a Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) initiative in conjunction with Geoscience Australia.

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  • WALIS: Google Earth Typhoid Maps Reveal Secrets of Disease Outbreaks

    In the mid-nineteenth century, John Snow mapped cases of cholera in Soho, London, and traced the source of the outbreak to a contaminated water pump. Now, in a twenty-first century equivalent, scientists funded by the Wellcome Trust working in Kathmandu, Nepal, have combined the latest in gene sequencing technology and global positioning system (GPS) case localisation to map the spread of typhoid and trace its source.

    Recent advances in DNA sequencing have allowed scientists to accurately track the spread of some diseases by measuring mutations in the pathogen's DNA when the DNA replicates.


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  • WALIS: New Program to Expand, Enhance Use of LiDAR Sensing Technology

    Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a new system that will enable highway construction engineers in the field to immediately analyse soil movements caused by active landslides and erosion and use the powerful tool of LiDAR to better assess and deal with them.

    The advance, outlined by the Geological Society of America, is just one of the latest innovations with this laser technology, the use of which has mushroomed in recent years in the study of everything from earthquakes and tsunamis to beach erosion and road construction.

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  • Remote sensing discussion paper released

    The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Australian Space Policy Unit has released the briefing document “Priorities for Investment in Remote Sensing Technology for Australia”. The paper was prepared by Clive Fraser of the CRCSI.

    There is a growing national consensus, reinforced by recent studies and the recently prepared Australian Strategic Plan for Earth Observation from Space, as well as the federal government’s new Principles for a National Space Industry Policy, that Australia has a strong dependency and reliance on foreign Earth Observation (EO) satellites, in particular for environmental and disaster monitoring, and that it wishes to grow its regional prominence and international participation in global remote sensing programs.

    Read the paper here

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  • Call for Papers: ISJE

    Call for Papers

    International Journal of Digital Earth

    Special Issue on “Analytical Geospatial Digital Earth”

    Guest Editors: Bert Veenendaal, Songnian Li, Suzana Dragicevic and Maria Antonia Brovelli

    Important deadlines

    Submission of manuscripts February 15, 2012
    Notification of acceptance/rejection June 15, 2012
    Submission of final version September 15, 2012
    Planned publication of special issue: Early 2013

    Please provide an early expression of interest through email to

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  • New Roadmap Leads to Future Research Infrastructure

    The big problems of our time demand the brightest minds working with the best equipment, and the Gillard Labor Government has taken another step in developing our advanced, integrated national research infrastructure.

    Releasing a roadmap for the future of Australia’s research infrastructure, Innovation Minister Senator Carr said world-class research was the key to a thriving innovation system and world-class research required world-class tools.

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  • ROAMES unveils new aircraft

    Queensland's Minister for Energy Stephen Robertson today unveiled two new aircraft at Hervey Bay as part of Ergon Energy's world-leading ROAMES technology.

    ROAMES - Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation - will enable geo-spatial modelling of Ergon Energy's electricity network for the first time.

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  • Technology Sets Wheels Turning on Online Bike Map

    Mobile phones and tablet PCs could soon join the humble bike pump as an Australian cycling essential if a plan for an online map of the nation’s bike and hiking trails gains traction.

    The concept, devised by the nation’s leading location intelligence specialists Esri Australia, would show riders the most scenic track to take, where they could undertake emergency repairs, or even help them locate the nearest pub for those with a hard-earned thirst.

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  • Top Decision-Makers Map WA’s Future with GIS Technology

    Western Australia’s most senior decision-makers are using a planning mega-map developed by the nation’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists Esri Australia to ready the state for the next four decades.

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  • A Unique Picture of WA on Display at Kings Park

    A collection of Landgate’s aerial photographs that capture the unique beauty of the Western Australian landscape have been transformed into stunning, contemporary art.

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  • Intelligent Technology Puts WA Turtle Rookery Officially on the World Map

    A new study conducted using state-of-the-art mapping technology has uncovered Gnaraloo Bay, in Western Australia’s remote north-west, as part of the third largest Loggerhead turtle population in the world.

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  • GNSS Support for Christchurch Earthquake Relief

    Christchurch, New Zealand, has recently suffered not one but two major earthquakes, in September 2010 and February 2011, which created devastation in the city centre and eastern suburbs.

    Even today, some five months later, a significant area of the inner city is still inaccessible. The CHC X91 GNSS receiver deployed by a Paterson Pitts Group survey team on two key projects has contributed to enabling decisions about how the planned reconstruction of Christchurch should proceed.

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  • Maps Define Offshore Jurisdictions

    Oceanographers, scientific researchers, resource exploration companies, tourism operators and the public will now have a greater understanding of Australia’s maritime jurisdiction following the public release of 28 digital (PDF) maps of the Australian Maritime Jurisdiction.

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  • New Offshore NZ Islands Maps Released

    August 2011 saw the release of new maps depicting New Zealand's offshore islands, more accurately than ever before. All New Zealand offshore islands are included in this release, these are Auckland Islands, Kermadec Islands, Snares Islands / Tini Heke, Bounty, Antipodes Island Group and Campbell Island / Motu Ihupuku.

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  • Teaching our Future Space Scientists

    Teaching our Future Space Scientists

    South Australian students are beginning a path to a possible career in space research and industry with their participation in a $1 million education program run by Flinders University.

    The program, which is being funded under the Gillard Labor Government’s Australian Space Research Program, will teach space science to 400 students and provide expert support and resources for 40 teachers.

    Opening the program on behalf of Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr, Senator for South Australia Alex Gallacher said Australia’s excellent research base and expertise in the area of space presented huge opportunities for Australia.

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  • Spatial Education Summit

    The Spatial Education Summit in Canberra on ??? Sep was hosted by SSSI and about 50 people attended, by invitation only. There was good representation from all sectors, many at senior levels.

    Through structured workshopping and reporting the main issues were identified and potential solutions canvassed.

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  • Women in Spatial - SSSI Scholarship 2011

    This scholarship is designed to support women in the spatial disciplines and is open to all, including non-SSSI applicants.

    The 2011 scholarship is now open for nominations. Please complete your nomination on the form provided below. Nominations close on the 30th of September 2011.

    Please note that this scholarship is open to both members and non-members of the SSSI.


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  • Welcome Manfred Ehlers to CRCSI Sabbatical

    Welcome Manfred Ehlers to CRCSI Sabbatical

    The CRCSI is pleased to welcome Prof Manfred Ehlers who will spend his sabbatical with us for the rest of 2011.

    Manfred is Full Professor for GIS and Remote Sensing at the University of Osnabruek, Germany, and is the Director of the University's Institute for Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing. He is President of the 'Society for Geo-informatics' (German) and Chairman of 'The Centre of Excellence in Geoinformatics in North Germany' and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Digital Earth.

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  • New Office of Spatial Policy

    The Office of Spatial Data management has been moved and reformed as the Office of Spatial Policy within the Dept of Resources, Energy and Tourism. “It will strengthen whole-of-government services and focus on improved stakeholder relationships.”

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  • Deep Earth Study

    The Academy of Science through Phil McFadden, former Chief Scientist of Geoscience Australia, has initiated a project to identify the research needed to assess the mineral resources that sit below the deep unconsolidated layer (the ‘regolith’) over much of Australia. Geophysicists speculate that there is even more mineral wealth in the next layer down than we have discovered or exploited at the surface.

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  • Flooding impacting electric power facilites

    GITA ANZ 2011: Determining the impact on electric power facilities of flooding in Queensland

    At an exciting 2011 GITA ANZ Geospatial Solutions Conference in Sydney last week, Mark Volz of Ergon Energy gave a fascinating presentation on how Ergon monitored flooding and managed electric power during the Decemeber 2010/January 2011 flood season in Queensland, Australia.

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  • Mix and Mash 2011

    There are two styles of entry - the data mashup, and the creative remix. The data mashup is where you can use public NZ data to build a new website or application. The creative remix where you can use images, literature, video or any other type of content to produce a new creative work.

    2 weeks to go - $50,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!
    Entries close 15 September 2011

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  • WALIS-ISDE7 wrap up

    WALIS-ISDE7 wrap up

    The combined WALIS Forum, 7th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE7), and State NRM Conference drew to a triumphant close on Thursday 25th August. The combined conference drew over 800 delegates from 21 countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, Malaysia and Brazil.

    “The conference was very productive, and really showed the shift of thinking into the next generation of modelling, simulation, optimisation and visualisation using spatial information,” said CRCSI CEO Peter Woodgate.

    CRCSI was recognised as a key participant, integral to the preparation and operation.

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  • iVEC research internships - Applications open

    iVEC is searching for students who are ready to challenge themselves through our student internship program. We will give you access to high performance computing, visualisation and rendering facilities, large-scale data storage and high speed communications.

    Internships run for approximately 10 weeks during the period December through February, although dates and exact length of the internship are negotiable. The award is for up to $6,000 per student (tax free), dependent on the length of the project.


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  • LBx: Scaling Location Data in Aus & NZ

    LBx: Scaling Location Data in Aus & NZ

    LBx: Tell us a little about CRCSI and why spatial information is so critical to both the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

    Woodgate: The CRCSI has been set up as a long-term research engine to tackle grand challenges that can only be addressed through the unique cooperation of the private, public and research sectors.


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  • WA Location Information Strategy Approved

    WA State Cabinet has approved implementation of the Location Information Strategy, with two priority projects and a number of other strategic initiatives.

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  • LINZ supports Great NZ Mashup

    Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) today announced its sponsorship of the Support for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Data Mashup category in The Great New Zealand Remix and Mashup Competition launched in Auckland this week.

    The LINZ sponsored category calls for the development of an application that best supports the Canterbury earthquake recovery using at least one piece of New Zealand central or local government data. LINZ encourages the applications to combine or remix data from its recently launched LINZ Data Service.


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  • World-first tsunami warning system for WA

    World-first tsunami warning system for WA

    In the next few months, Australian scientists will activate a world-first tsunami warning system in the remote East Pilbara region of Western Australia.

    Geoscience Australia says the device will be able to track earthquakes off Indonesia in real time, which will make accurate tsunami predictions possible.

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  • WALIS: WASEA Results

    WALIS eNews: The 5th Western Australian  Spatial Excellence Awards, jointly hosted by the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), were held on Friday July 22.

    The standard of the entries considered for the 2011 WA Spatial Excellence was very high, and judges made the point that determining a clear winner was difficult in several award streams. It was pleasing to see the awards shared variously by the spatial industry business, private/ industry sector, and government sector, with several of the awards going to partnerships formed across these sectors.

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  • WALIS: Commonwealth Responds to Senate Report on Bushfires

    WALIS eNews: Attorney-General Robert McClelland today said the Commonwealth Government has tabled its response to the Senate Select Committee on Agricultural and Related Industries’ report on bushfire mitigation and preparedness in Australia.

    The report - The incidence and severity of bushfires across Australia - includes 15 recommendations aimed at reducing the incidence and effects of catastrophic bushfires in Australia.

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  • WALIS: Big Step Forward for SKA

    WALIS eNews: On 29 June, six telescopes – ASKAP, three CSIRO telescopes in New South Wales, a University of Tasmania telescope and another operated by the Auckland University of Technology – were used together to observe a radio source that may be two black holes orbiting each other.

    Data from all sites were streamed in real time to Curtin University in Perth (a node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research) and there processed to make an image.

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  • Registrations are now open for OZRI11

    Registration to Ozri 2011 is now open, with the event featuring one of the strongest programs of presentations in its 25 year history.

    Organised by leading GIS and location intelligence specialists Esri Australia, Ozri 2011 will bring together GIS professionals from the U.S.A., Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

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  • Success at WASEA

    Success at WASEA

    Two 43pl companies have been recognised at the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards. VisTool (Visualising Sea Level Rising) from NGIS Australia won the Environment and Sustainability category, while MillMapper from Scanalyse won the Innovation and Commercialisation category and was named the overall winner for 2011. VisTool and MillMapper are both CRCSI supported projects.

    NGIS, along with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and CRC for Spatial Information, created VisTool, an online scenario planning tool to visualise and communicate the effects of sea level rising.

    Scanalyse, along with Curtin University and CRC for Spatial Information, commercialised MillMapper, an innovative terrestrial laser scanner technique for safely measuring the rate of wear of mineral processing mills for improved efficiencies and productivity.

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  • Scanalyse a new Innovation Hero

    Scanalyse a new Innovation Hero

    Peter Clarke and Jochen Franke of Scanalyse Pty Ltd are 2011 Innovation Heros.

    The Warren's Centre's annual Innovation Lecture and associated Innovation Hero Awards put successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight.

    Scanalyse's "MillMapper" laser scanner of liners in grinding mills and specialised software extracts information, reduces operating costs, increases production levels and reduces energy costs, with a large reduction of CO2 emissions.

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  • Milestone as radio dishes linked

    Milestone as radio dishes linked

    Jonathan Nally 7 July 2011

    "The discovery potential of the future international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope has been glimpsed following the commissioning of a working optical fibre link between CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope in Western Australia, and other radio telescopes across Australia and New Zealand."

    [ Source:  (photo: Terrace Photographers) ]

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  • Cooking up a national SDI framework

    Cooking up a national SDI framework

    Cooking up a national SDI framework

    Today saw the release of the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) cookbook for New Zealand.

    This initial version of the NZ SDI cookbook has been developed to provide guidance for the early stages of implementing SDI, with the chapters based on what is currently known about the elements typically underpinning SDIs, and guided by developments and experiences in jurisdictions internationally.

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  • Firm maps out a path for graduates

    One of New Zealand's leading geographic data suppliers has successfully introduced a graduate programme to help deal with a major shortage of skills in the industry.

    Critchlow took on three Victoria University graduates last year as part of its pilot programme, all with science and technology backgrounds.

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  • Entries open for European Satellite Navigation Competition

    Entries open for European Satellite Navigation Competition

    The ESNC University Challenge is awarding a prize worth EUR 80,000 to the best idea for location-based services.

    Australia has again joined the competition as an official partner region.


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  • Hundreds of geospatial ebooks now available for free

    Hundreds of geospatial ebooks now available for free

    The National Academies Press – the US publisher for the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council – is offering almost all of its books free in PDF format. This includes hundreds of geospatial books.

    The complete list runs to more than 4,000 titles. A search function is available from

    Source: Spatial Source article, 14/6/2011

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  • CRCSI display at the Innovation Aus Showcase

    Spatial Information CRC with 43pl consortium co-founder Mark Judd and 43pl partner Geomatic Technologies promoted the member benefits of 43pl and demonstrated their work in spatial mapping and other technologies at the Innovation Australia Showcase.

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  • Mapping Tropical Forest Carbon Storage

    Mapping Tropical Forest Carbon Storage

    A map of carbon storage in tropical forests has been collated by a NASA research team from NASA satellite data. The data provides a baseline for ongoing carbon monitoring and research and is expected to serve as a useful resource for managing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

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  • SME technical assistance

    Call for Applications - iVEC Small Business Technical Assistance Scheme

    iVEC is pleased to announce the 2011 Small Business Technical Assistance Scheme, promoting the use of supercomputing, visualisation, high speed networks and research collaboration technologies.

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  • New emergency finder (Ergon)

    New emergency finder tracks to within centimetres

    Article by Fran Foo, The Australian
    May 03, 2011

    Queensland utility Ergon Energy is quietly testing technology that could pinpoint the location of people stuck in emergency situations.

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    The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, today released new information and tools highlighting the potential impacts on South Australia of sea level rises from climate change.

    The information includes maps which identify the potential future impacts of sea level rise on the Adelaide region. These maps complement maps released previously for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hunter and Central Coast, and south east Queensland.

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  • GA review released

    A review of Geoscience Australia released today has confirmed the value of the agency’s work to the ongoing exploration of Australia’s natural resources.

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  • Saudi GIS report

    The Sixth National GIS Symposium was held in Al Khobar in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia last week. The conference was very well organized, and attracted a large number of attendees, including a significant number of international visitors.

    Here is a summary and some highlights from Geoff Zeiss...

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  • Where 2.0 Conference 2011 video

    Some video presentations from the2011 Where 2.0 conference. A link to other video is at the foot of the page.

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  • Targeting CRCs is targeting economy

    CRC Program has already shrunk too much

    Several metropolitan newspapers carried unattributed speculation yesterday and today that "senior ministers are targeting industry assistance and research programs, including the $650 million Co-operative Research Centre scheme, for major savings."

    Professor Tony Peacock, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centres Association, responded on ABC radio saying that he "wished the CRC Program was $650 million".

    "Whoever is backgrounding the media obviously doesn't understand the program, which is currently about $180 million from the Federal government, not $650 million. In fact, every Federal Government dollar draws industry funds to Cooperative Research Centres and that is exactly the policy outcome the Government wished to achieve. The industry proportion of CRC budgets has grown steadily over the life of the CRC Program, in contrast to industry participation in other research programs.

    Source: CRC media release

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  • Australian Space Activities Survey 2011

    Australian Space Activities Survey 2011

    The Space Policy Unit within the Dept of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research is developing a National Space Policy and is seeking additional information about the size and current activities of Australia’s space sector.

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  • PMs Science prize

    The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science - Nominations for 2011 now open

    The Australian Government awards five prizes annually for outstanding scientific achievements and excellence in science teaching. These awards are the most prestigious and significant of their kind in Australia. Each award comprises a solid embossed gold/silver engraved medallion, with matching lapel pins, and tax-exempt cash components totalling $500,000


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  • Space Activities Survey

    Space Activities Survey

    Australian Space Activities Survey 2011
    The Space Policy Unit (SPU) within the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) is developing a National Space Policy and is seeking additional information about the size and current activities of Australia’s space sector.

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  • ASGS roadshow

    Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) National Roadshow (May & June 2011)

    The ABS is introducing a new Statistical Geography Standard from July 2011 and you are invited to participate in Information Sessions that are being held in each State during May and June.

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  • OGC Indoor Navigation

    OGC has released a discussion paper on Indoor Navigation that presents a model for indoor navigation that simultaneously addresses route planning, multiple localization methods, navigation contexts, and different locomotion types.

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  • Entries open for 2011 WASEA

    The 2011 Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards entries are now open. Entries close Friday 10 June 2011. WASEA is hosted by the WA regional groups of SIBA and SSSI.

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  • Welcome


     Welcome to the new website of the CRCSI !

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  • CRCSI Scholarships

    CRCSI Scholarships

    Apply now for CRCSI scholarships for PhD and masters - and internships and honours. Got a good idea? Try us...

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  • First year review

    On 21 January 2011, CRCSI-2 had its first year review from the CRC Program.

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  • Economics of space observation

    Economics of space observation

    CRCSI participated in a study with Geoscience Australia and ACILTasman to determine the value of Earth Observation from space activities to the Australian economy.

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  • ISDE7 Keynote Speakers

    ISDE7 Keynote Speakers

    Keynote speakers at the ISDE7 Conference in August 2011

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  • GEOIDE Summer School

    GEOIDE Summer School

    The GEOIDE Summer School in Toronto, Canada will be running from 20-25 May, 2011.

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  • Moon mineral found in Western Australia

    A rare mineral thought to exist only on the Moon’s surface has been discovered in WA's Pilbara.

    Researchers collecting rock samples in Western Australia's remote Pilbara region have stumbled across a mineral previously believed to exist only on the Moon.

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