Research Investment Committee


To advise the Board on investment decisions relating to the Research Program, including utilisation issues, market applications of the science and technology within the Activities, and any technical, research and education issues.


  • To provide expert advice and recommendations to the CEO and the Board on the scope and effectiveness of existing and planned CRCSI Activities, through regular review of CRCSI initiatives be they proposals or functioning projects, as referred by the Board or CRCSI Executive
  • To report to the CEO and the Board on whether or not each proposed research program is consistent with the National Research Priorities and Commonwealth and Essential Participant approved Activities
  • To assist in the review and identification of worldwide developments and directions, and emerging technologies and trends in the marketplace, for consideration in the CRCSI research program
  • To provide expert advice and recommendations to the Board on whether any outcomes from the Activities warrant pursuing Intellectual Property protection
  • To provide expert advice and recommendations to the Board on the best pathways for the utilisation of Centre IP that maximises the commercial return to CRCSI stakeholders consistent with the Essential Participants Agreement
  • To provide expert advice in the context of the CRCSI Strategic and Operational Plans and Budget and in consultation, where appropriate, with relevant Program Boards

Membership and Term

Membership is limited to ten with the Board retaining discretion to vary this number as needed. The term of appointment is for two years. The Committee brings together a membership base with technical, research, education, fund raising and applications areas. The members and Chair are appointed by the Board from nominations received from CRCSI Colleges and elsewhere. The CRCSI CEO is a member of the Committee.

Members of RIC can access their private discussion forum here.

  • Prof Graeme Wright, Chairman

    Graeme is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development at Curtin University.

    He has extensive knowledge and experience in education and research, and engagement with higher education policy at strategic level.

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    Prof Graeme Wright, Chairman
  • Arthur Berrill

    Arthur is Vice President of Software Design and Innovation at DMTI.

    He has been the Managing Director of SpatialWare™ from its inception and was the principal innovator, designer and manager of SYSTEM 9, a completely full-featured 3D GIS.


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    Arthur Berrill
  • Rob Freeth

    Rob Freeth has over 35 years’ experience in computing and information systems, including ten years as an Information Manager for WMC Resources, and fourteen as an Information Systems Consultant. Rob has provided information systems advice on a variety of technical problems, mostly at the higher levels of strategic planning, development of business cases, and development of functional architectures.

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    Rob Freeth
  • Ed Garvin

    Ed Garvin is a Partner of Garvin Morgan & Co., Consulting Surveyors & Planners. He was Managing Director of OMNILINK Pty Limited, an information systems consulting company specialising in spatial information, to become Executive Chairman. He holds tertiary qualifications in Surveying and Urban Studies, an MBA and he is a Registered Surveyor in NSW and ACT.

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    Ed Garvin
  • Prof Mike Goodchild

    Michael F. Goodchild is Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Director of UCSB’s Center for Spatial Studies.

    He was elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Member of the Royal Society of Canada (2002), member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2006), and Foreign Member of the Royal Society and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy (2010); and in 2007 he received the Prix Vautrin Lud.

    His current research interests centre on geographic information science, spatial analysis, and uncertainty in geographic data.

    Prof Mike Goodchild
  • Alex Held

    Dr Alex Held is currently a Research Team Leader of the Terrestrial Remote Sensing Group of the CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research. Alex is also serving as the Director of the “AusCover” remote sensing data facility that is part of Australia’s “Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network” – TERN, which will be providing free and open access to various satellite datasets.

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    Alex Held
  • Ryan Keenan

    Ryan is Business Development Manager at SmartNet Aus and has recently been appointed to the RIC. He has held senior operational and management positions with Leica in recent years, defining roll-out strategies in global markets for projects under his control.

    He has worked across Europe in a variety of technical and management roles, and has a PhD in Geodesy and Navigation from University College London (UCL) & University of Newcastle (UNT) London, England ("Stochastic Modelling for High-Fidelity Differential GPS Quality Measures") and a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering Surveying – First Class degree with Honours from Nottingham Trent University.

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    Ryan Keenan
  • Scott Ramage

    Scott is Managing Director and Chairman of AAMHatch and Director of AAM Surveys (the AAMHatch holding company). He is also Director of subsidiary companies AOC Geomatics (Proprietary) Ltd in South Africa and AAM NZ Limited in New Zealand. Scott has experience in the spatial sciences industry covering more than three decades. Whilst specialising in photogrammetry and cartography, his experience extends to project management and the management of survey and mapping companies at an executive level.

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    Scott Ramage
  • Em Prof John Trinder

    John Trinder graduated from UNSW with a BSurv, MSc at ITC in The Netherlands, and PhD from UNSW.

    He is currently Emeritus Professor of the School of Surveying and SIS at University of NSW, having taught and researched for over 45 years in a range of topics in Spatial Information. He has published more than 160 scientific papers in journals and conference procedings. 

    John has also held a number of executive positions in the Council of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

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    Em Prof John Trinder