What we do

We conduct user-driven research in spatial information that address issues of national importance. We also perform commissioned research projects for key clients.

Our partners include federal and state government agencies, universities and over 50 companies, cumulatively providing more than $160 million (cash and inkind) over 2010-18.

Our achievements are recognised internationally.

We have an ambitious program of work addressing market failures and supporting critical spatial infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand so that:

  • Essential government delivery services run more effectively, giving substantial productivity gains in:
    • Health
    • Energy Provision
    • Agriculture
    • Defence
    • Urban Planning
  • We are best equipped to adapt to and deal with climate change impacts
  • Australian and New Zealand industry and end-user capacity building is enhanced

CRCSI Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is available to download.


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CEO Peter Woodgate May 2013 Roadshow [31min]


By 2018 the CRCSI will be recognised world-wide for the high impact of our research, especially in the enabling role we played in creating a single, multi-GNSS network in Australia, and adding value to the development of the Australia-New Zealand Spatial Infrastructures.

A thriving spatial industry will acknowledge the central role of the CRCSI. We will be considered an essential partner for SI research collaborations both locally and internationally.

Spatial education will be improved as a result of the CRCSI’s activities, significantly enhanced by over 50 new CRCSI higher degree by research graduates.

CRC Program

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program is an Australian Government Initiative suporting end-user driven research collaboration.