About 43pl

43pl provides small and medium sized - and big - companies with an easy way to engage with the complexities of an unincorporated joint venture that is the CRCSI.

Benefits include preferential networking; access to IP, people, and networks; first hand views of R&D projects; etc. But each company tends to extract its own value from the engagement. Importantly, if you are considering joining, remember that "the more you put in the more you get out."

In addition companies have noted that the mechanism of engagement through 43pl, a trust structure of limited liability, is a familiar commercial instrument and offers uncomplicated exit. The trust allows access to CRCSI IP.

The CRCSI provides administration activities through the 43pl Company Secretary Mel Plumb.

Communications, confidential advice and assistance in engaging in the CRCSI is provided by the CRCSI Director of Stakeholder Engagement Mike Ridout.